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Texas Hold'em strategy articles: learn to lose

Almost all small limit Hold'em players have a common "problems" - lose enough.

"What did you say?" You might be surprised to look at me say, "Ed, you just crazy! Most of the time I always lose, I want lose less, rather than lose more."

Unfortunately, sometimes this universal "less lose hope," the idea will affect your judgment, in the long run, you will lose more.

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My point is: Instead of always thinking lose less points, you should learn how to lose.

Learn to lose? Is this thing mean?

In limit Hold'em game, the loser in two ways. The first is a passive, or that you should lose. Most players hope will be licensed under the circumstances as soon as possible to win the pot or the lead held until the showdown and give up holding a weak hand in the case of the pot you discard very frequently, sometimes took the lead but in the end was to catch up. This is a bad transmission method.

And when you seize the opportunity and failed to extract value, it is the second transmission method. This is why the vast majority of small players should learn input method, but this is the top limit Hold'em player most often lose money the way.

When you think "law-abiding" is king, you just protecting your "bottom line", but this play will also ruin your "cap." In many hand, you are destined to lose. Possible the time will lose more and more small, or not so often, but the other side, your profit will be correspondingly small, the frequency will be decreased.

Want to stand out in a number of "law-abiding," the players and get the benefits, you need more to seize the opportunity, or play some of the more courageous. Sometimes you missed. But if you want to have an impressive win rate in the right The timing of opportunity is essential.


Math poker game is not complicated. Here's an example of you were bluff the pot has $ 500, you are considering whether to fight pot of $ 500 with the remaining $ 500 full pressure bluff.

This is a pot bet bluff, if you work you will win $ 500, otherwise it will lose $ 500.

This bet is the easiest "D" method, if we can ensure the success of more than half under the circumstances, then the long run you are the winner.

We think about the last time you bet $ 2- $ 5 tables is $ 500 When did this happen? You bet all $ 500 win rate is? Under normal circumstances, you bet $ 500 when they are not lost, because your subconscious determines that you will only have a very high chance of winning when it is to do so.

But the mathematics tell us that you do not need to bet only until such time high odds. As long as your chance of winning more than half, you should do it. If you have 70%, 65% or 60% chance of winning, then it will be a perfect decision. those large casinos face D passengers odds are much smaller, usually only a fifty percent chance of winning a few, but it has millions of dollars of profit, is not it?

If you think you have a 65% chance of winning, you do this? You might think, say, "Yes ah." But I dare say you will not do it. The reason is that you have a 65% chance of winning means that each Three will lose once, and once you lose once would not consciously produce the same kind of situation awareness (which should be regarded as a human instinct it). However, the flop flowers only 35% chance of winning, I dare say those flowers defeated by others hand you will remember more clearly (Of course, the opponent usually buy flowers at high frequencies than you big bet bluff frequency, but not contradictory).

If you played very well, then you will often be like this bluff, the situation will occur frequently lose. You should not lose that tangled a few hands, consider themselves silly, because such a small chance of winning the case than those the situation appears much higher odds. If every time you have to give up this opportunity, then the long run you will "lose" (or less wins) a lot of money.


Although this hand really very risky, but most small players are not so treated like me.

$ 2- $ 5 tables, I got the Kd-Ks raised to $ 15, followed by a relatively tight player call others fold.

Flop of Ac-7s-3d, I checked, and he bet $ 20, I made the call.

Turn 9s, I checked, and he checked.

River Jc, I checked, and he bet $ 40, I checked - raised to $ 145.

Why do I make cards - raise to $ 145 it issued after the flop, there are two possibilities (opponents A, or the opponent does not A) if the opponent has no A, I have to do is very simple, as far as possible to make?. He Diuqian like the pot. If the opponent has A, I hope that after a few blocks through his actions to determine the size of the kicker, and then, as the case bluff.

So I let the cards flop bet each other, it looks like there is indeed A, I need to pot ($ 57) invested $ 20, and there are three possible scenarios:

1. flop each other only at the bluff, in the two blocks with my check-down.

2. The opponent has A, but the kicker is weak, I could bluff him dislodge.

3. The other side has A, I again after two blocks in a K.

Therefore, I have reason to continue to play a smaller investment.

After the turn card is issued, they were both checked Learn prior to the adoption of the opponent, if he is to increase A kicker, two or three dark, then basically let the cards would not be here, but will bet in order to maximize the benefits So, I judged him to be A plus small kicker checked control pot or are they had nothing in.

After the river card is issued, if I lead a bet, it will not hit discarded hand, or with A card with the note, which I have some disadvantage. So I chose to let the cards again, if he has, then A also checked , then I will end this game of cards is small loss. But I also feel the opponent is not the case in A second checked. He bet $ 40, I think this is a normal value of A plus small kicker bet.

The call is clearly not a wise move, in most cases, I will lose this board, but I can bluff it.

Of course, he got exactly what brand, I can not give you 100% sure of the answers he might be AJ-- on the river into two pairs; also may deliberately slow play a monster; there are possibilities that he saw through the I have to bluff, with the A-8 in this category A plus weak kicker call.

But under normal circumstances, his hand should be A plus small kicker, I think I checked on the river - will force him to raise me to discard such cards pot ($ 110) bet $ 145, this decision may to fail, but I think it is still worth playing, though small.

Try some of these cards to play more, and you will "lose" more valuable. More importantly, this play will improve your profit.

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