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From the point of view of the expected discard Texas Hold'em skills

Suppose first share of a classic Texas Hold'em discard example that the Texas Hold'em skills inside fold skill use was fiery innocent, called the textbook. Every time you try a semi-bluff when you flop a flush draw and a high card. opponent may not use the less than top pair of cards to call, but there is a good chance that you fight better than any of his cards turned coins good. If so, give full under fold your expectations, because you know the opponent only in a very limited time you call, because expectations have folded, semi-bluff would have a very strong power.

When you play preflop fierce will let you have a lot of expectations to fold some novices do not like to use those cards flop they are not prepared to call a raise-bet the flop, but experienced players will When will raise (sometimes reraise) a lot is not the best hand. discard expectations make these marginal hands profitable. Remember, you have only a small chance to steal the pot, you should discard these cards.

In the tournament is a very important concept discard expectations, especially near the bubble period when a lot of players tend to play too tight, because they are waiting bubble period in the past; a lot of people have tried to enter the fold money. Thus, there is sufficient support you discard expectations flop with any two cards, because of the possibility opponents fold is very high. This concept is still valid after the money, people will be playing tight, try to get higher term and win more money.

Let's go back to my fight Mikesexton in Race 1 in that hand.I should call, fold, or raise?Call, and if he continues to bet on, let me continue to experience problems in the river, especially on the river, then a high card.Fold does not seem the best choice, because in fact I lead a great possibility (Mike may be sub + straight draw), but even if I did not lead, I also have a lot of cards, I can get better than 2-1 pot odds to call.The worst case, only that he has become a straight up.If I am in the fight against ultra-right or dark Third, I have six cards.If I fight two pairs, I have 12 cards.Because this is the tournament, because he probably did not want out here, because there are a lot of play to take ferocious fold expectations, I decided to shove.And the onset of this play.After the test for a long time, Mike decided to fold.

Mike later said his cards can beat me, and I learned that he was 7-6, in turn hit two pair. I know that if he does not discard the possibility of cards so I can not fight. If this is case, that I will call or fold. But this bet, there are many folds expectations, so this is an opportunity I can not give up.

In cash games and tournaments, discard expectations is a very important concept, but especially in a tournament, I just said a similar kind of situation. When you think of a hand fold expectations, you really There might start playing poker.

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