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Texas Hold'em: A big blind to get to what kind of policy the most scientific?

Send 221 per hand, you have the opportunity to send to AA.We have discussed in the fifth chapter of the book too, AA is the best hand, it is the natural enemy of all other cards.When you hold AA, before the flop, you just have to consider two issues, namely how to make the pot more chips, the second is how to make the players into the pot at least.The first problem is better understood, because you have the best hand, you win the maximum probability.For the second question, Why do players make at least into the bottom of the pot?Because computer simulations show that AA in the case of the nine opponents, winning 31.12%, AA in the case against six opponents, winning 43.57%, (see chapter Table 1), AA in the case of an opponent, winning 85.twenty one%.Theoretically, the ideal state is AA and a rival battle, so to maximize the raise, even the whole into (All In).

Sometimes particularly tight table, if you raise, and we may have put cards, you win only a small blind and a big blind.Some people may think that finally got the AA, has won little.But if you use delay play, just call before the flop, if there are 5-6 players see the flop, after the flop then you should be ready to put the card, or they may lose badly.Under normal circumstances, ordinary AA player is hard to put down, and some of the players though Xianshibumiao willing to give up AA, but still feel the pain.Reduce the players into the bottom of the pot can reduce the pain in order to show the benefits of filling, assuming you on the button, put all the cards in front of the players.If you call, the small blind then most likely with a half note, watching the big blind, AA against two opponents after the flop if both players are not turned in, they wait, you bet, they are all place cards, you win 2 Note.If you raise, the small blind would have to keep up with a note and a half, then it might put the cards, call the big blind if, after the flop, it is assumed for the big blind did not help him on the sidelines, you bet, He put the card, you win 2 NOTE half.If you raise, the size of the blinds put all the cards, you win half a note, never without error, win cleanly.That is, add 1 Note that you may win a half to two and a half note, you might win with note 2 Notes.But if a simple call, your AA let the other two players are too comfortable, especially in the big blind, there is no pressure, after the flop if the big blind or small blind accidentally turned in two pairs, your AA may lose badly the.Any kind of competition Game If opponents too comfortable, your basic strategy is wrong, so filling in reducing the risk, while ensuring a minimum profit, there may be additional revenue.

So when you get AA, try to put bigger pot, reduce the players into the bottom of the pot. The basic strategy is to raise, raise, reraise. Keep in mind that the more players into the pot, the more likely to be others listen to. And the opportunity to develop smaller AA itself. You have to do our best to protect your AA. Personally, the only thing I could take the time delay play, if I call first softly, and I I know that someone will raise behind me, so and so when it was my turn, I can choose reraise, bigger pot. If you are not sure you want to raise the back of someone, and that was the direct filling good.

Some Poker Experts point out that if you compare the position of the back, there have been a lot of players call comes in, if you raise, the bigger the pot can only achieve the purpose, but not to reduce the players into the pot.The larger the pot, the pot odds, the better, a lot of the other players are not worth listening cards, now worth listening to.So the actual playing cards, when your place in the back, there are a lot of players have come in, your raise can not get rid of anyone, you might consider the call.Because, after filling, bottom of the pot bigger, any player gained slightly after the flop, you may choose to continue to draw.However, if the pot has not been raised, then the other players to draw on uneconomical.

In the case of people entering the bottom of the pot in the back position to take the AA does not raise up wonderful that when AA is a winning hand, no one can think of is that you get AA, the result won a good pot. If the flop cards face unfavorable, you can quietly put down AA, nobody knows you get AA. And you only spend one note, a small price.

It should be noted that when a lot of players have come in, you get AA in late position raise, absolutely not wrong, after all, you are the greatest chance of winning AA Meanwhile, in this case, you do not raise, but with Note, it is not wrong, according to a specific table, choose a different strategy.

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