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Throwing Craps game Craps gameplay presentation

That is, and we see six sides Dice Like to throw two dice, dice roll after stop, after summing up the points to determine winners and losers. Gambling dice on the table slightly elevated, allowing rotation of the dice hitting the wall and then bounce the center.

The first step is to choose to participate in gambling table at the same time must be familiar with dice Game Rules, including the proportion of major gambling law and bonuses.

Due to attend every gambler gambling dice, have the opportunity to roll the dice, so familiar craps rules, for gamblers gamble in terms of participation are also very important.

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And general gambling play compared to the craps table Casino Staff can be described as huge lineup, the staff generally assist up to four games, four roles, to promote the game progresses.

Dice (Craps) - selected table

First, make sure the table bet the minimum and maximum amount, and then find a seat to sit in can usually minimum amount is $ 1 or $ 5, there are 25 divided into a minimum amount of the table; the most high is $ 500 or $ 1000, even $ 2000. Makers after seeing you join, it can be converted into cash on the table requests chips, after making the money back, and from the control field staff that made chips, returned to you. In order to facilitate the smooth progress of the game, with the chips down NOTE better, but some tables can also be used in cash, ask the dealer.

Chip unit is $ 1 yuan (called Silver), $ 5 million (referred to as Nickel), $ 100 million (referred Quarter), $ 500 (referred Dollar).

In addition, the table can not be a bargaining chip in exchange for cash, must be central to the casino cashier station to replace it.

Dice (Craps) - Rules of the game

Dice (Craps) of the rules of the game and the odds are the following:

- PASS LINE: pay doubled

If the first throw (Come out Roll) appeared even 7 or 11 wins, there 2﹑3,12 (Craps) even if a digital input. In addition to the called punctual (Point). When the bet Point, if the 7 appeared before the emergence of the same Point is win; on the contrary, if the 7 comes first (known as Seven Out) is counting the time lost in gambling, I would bet on the table that says "PASS LINE" place.

- Don''t Pass: pay doubled

The first throw of the dice, if there even lose 7 or 11, and if the emergence of 2 or 3 wins. If the throw is called 12 Bar, which is a tie (some casino rules, is throw 2 Bar) . gambling Point, first appears 7 to win, but to see the same Point is lost by this person to play their bets;. on "Don''t Pass" position.

- CAM: pay doubled

Win PASS LINE bet conditions and the same, but have to wait until after the beginning of the emergence Point bet.

- DON''T CAM: pay doubled

Win bet conditions and Don''t PASS LINE identical, but have to wait before starting to bet appears Point.


If it had been adopted Don''t Pass Pass Line ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ Don''t CAM CAM and other four kinds of methods in any one bet gamblers, after Point also raise the gambling law. Its gambling law will depend Originally selected items vary hereinafter Pass Line when, for an additional bet will be placed outside of Line Pass, next to the original bet;. Don''t when Pass, will be the place of the Central Plains Stake next; CAM and to Don''t Cam when you make a bet to the dealer bonuses of proportion: the emergence of 4 and 10, is a lose 2; 5 and 9:00 are 2 lost 3; 6 and 8:00. 5 6 is lost.

- PLACE (named)

Do not bet Pass Line or CAM, etc., and direct way bet Point Number is not the first time you cast a bet Do not put yourself to the will of the dealer, and then, for instance, want to bet 9:00, inform the dealer said:.. To the proportion of the 9. place prize money is bet on 4 or 10 5 lost 9; bet 5 or 9:00 is 5 lost 7; bet on 6 or 8:00, compared with 6 lost 7.

- BIG6, BIG8

This is the bet 6:00 or 8:00, or both gambling games are played. And PLACE different places can direct their own bets and bonuses compared to only doubled pay 5% commission to bet a specific number, but 4 and 10 of outside the points are useless. and PLACE, like, the first not to vote.

- Field

Gambling 2,3, 4, 9, 10, 11, at any point in 12:00, and the second throw dice showdown. Gambling law is to bet on where it says FIELD. Bonus When the ratio is 2:00 and cast 12 is 2 or 3 times, the other is 1 times the success rate is very low.

- Proposition

Is for the central mesa painted dice and place bets proportion, and through making people play and control the market, is the number of gamblers wager most unfavorable.

Dice (Craps) - How dice

Since participate dice gambling person has the opportunity to become one of the dice, so familiar craps rules, but also quite important. At the outset, is the left-hand side of the table who served as moderator craps person (Shooter) , in a clockwise direction after they, in turn served by different gamblers dice man. craps person (Shooter) except must bet or DON''T PASS PASS, the other no privileges or restrictions, while gamblers You must be in the crap people (Shooter) throw the dice before betting.

Let's talk about how to dice. First, the person in charge of Craps (Shooter), you want the people to come up with the control field of six selected two dice after the dice roll, be sure to let the dice come across After the table edge, then bounce back. If the first throw failure will be warned, if the second is cast far enough, it will be canceled when the dice the qualifications, these provisions are intended to prevent cheating.

The first cast is the most important, because thus you can decide to bet and bet Don''t Pass Pass of who wins the various states as follows:

- Throw 7:00 or 11:00: Pass Line bet wins.

If the first vote appear 7 or 11, that is, people who bet PASS win, this time to control the market will shout: 7:00, gambling PASS party who wins (English is the Seven, Winner on the pass line).

- 2﹑3 or 12:00: Don''t Pass bet wins.

If there is 2﹑3 or 12:00, called Craps, is that people lose PASS party, DON''T PASS party who wins (12 is a tie) at this control field people will shout: gambling Craps win, lose PASS bet (Craps, line away) who control the market after the call can be settled bets, the council even if the end game. turn to the next person to play dice.

- 4,5,6,8,9,10 point: throw once again be played.

When packed table, is in accordance with dice, decided on the outcome of the bet from the beginning sequentially to pack, in addition, Shooter if threw the Seven Out, should be replaced as a person Shooter.

Staff Dice (Craps) table of

However, compared to the general gambling drama, craps can be described as huge lineup, the game is usually to assist a total of four people sitting center stage after the founder who is to oversee the conduct of the host of the game, and so was the stage boss. Standing both sides are making, which is frequently in contact with gamblers person responsible money management ﹑ claims and chips, all bets related things are their duties.

While standing in the middle of the opposite is the control field, his work is after every throw dice, the dice with a wooden stick to the back, and in accordance throw points, reported the results of winning or losing, so people are actually pushing the control field person game play. A good control field who may be able to drive the entire atmosphere, just look at his performance very interesting.

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