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Sic Bo machine actual combat experience

Recently I have tried to endure hand away Casino Of Sic Bo Machine, but something big challenge, but also draws time and haste, giving no chance to rest, plus take points quickly, so many people are playing on the addiction, including Attu included. Does not smoke or alcohol Attu, but now I understand the difficulty to get rid of a hobby, do not know count is a pathological gambler Sic Bo machine.

No coup under bitter defeat the enemy, just try a small note, as an entertainment expense, faithful machine also exchange experience, in brainstorming, get the following tips, and by preliminary tests, considered to be reliable because they are After paying tuition is expensive, the experience gained in actual combat.

Information from Mr. Yong Fu, he has hundreds of hours of playing Sic Bo machine experience, more than battle through the body. Artur friends have the opportunity to get a go-between, who met Mr. Yong Fu, he also educated us, the trick purse granted, Attu this time really beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort, and immediately and share.

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First, choose tricks people sitting SicBo machine, the more the better, filled with eight people who best computer although universal, but many people opt for under each owner, the number of betting flap dispersed, many will be made when the village off on the bet, between the guests and the guests become mutual bet, if this situation occurs, the chance to be hunted down will greatly reduce the computer.

If the same machine  sitting less than three, Mr. Yong-fu is not buried in Taiwan, while in front sat down around the table a week he will see the same stage how many of his comrades are activists, if they are found not just sit this bet, so many people do not use. comrade is active, determine the amount of the bet can be available from within their integration and machine.

Mr. Yong Fu suggested betting method should diversify, can change thousands of the best, although electronic Sic Bo machine to computer operation, the operation is almost universal, but we can not sit still, self-help way, there are several sets of appropriate tricks at hand, random bet, say to a shop to buy large fine, playing a shop points, avoid gambling cables, computer cables are not afraid of you bet, even if there is no limit red.

The next principle is not to spread betting shop, stopping to buy is when a change, have the opportunity to avoid the computer tracking, and slightly rest can wait appears pretty road because SicBo machine as there is a road to follow, frequency just appeared, and manpower Sic Bo are significantly different, the latter's number and peri margin dice dice arise sparse than the former.

Finally, should not stay long, in this machine, if acquired sweetness, it should follow the example that is flashing party, brought the matter to a close, preferring to go back and make the challenge, the reason is to avoid rotation tracking computers. As betting objects, preferably concentrated in large and small and around the dice, Sic Bo machine even though there are sly skills, it is impossible to spread smote three are betting on the same person ter projects, only a maximum of two lost, but the number of points, dominoes and dice margin is different.

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