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Electronic Sic Bo play analysis

China received gamblers brother rebellion, represents the Grand Canal Playground The new electronic Sic Bo, Not new products, already in the racecourse's SJM slot airport appears, is the same model, but also the mysterious brother Hua said that any principle is similar magic is unshielded, the gods become difficult, mysterious tone outside of what meaning Why, pending a later date line advice.

A map and a lot of friends, as the electronic Sic Bo machine Betting Such as Game Like machines, over time, has soon fell in love on the playing computer addiction, inorganic day would not be happy, but unfortunately, although iron shoes wear out, but the way to break this machine is still no clue, no pain response, investment money, appears to be back to this period of no.

Summing up all the comrades opinion, there are two electronic Sic Bo machine fans, or electronic Rotary table Machine fans must remember, that is, if the machine is empty seat, not alone, to defy the law, casually to risk, because the computer 对奕 single horse, dismount the high chance of being kicked, electronic sparrow machine than dice Bao complex a hundred times, you can still beat any opponent, not to mention a mere large and small game.

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The other is like other gaming projects, electronic Sic Bo machine fans once a disadvantage, keep calm, do not impatient, desperate, because the machine is always different from humans, is no common sense at all, lost money already excited gas, if lose unclear if more people feel agitated.

Yes, the same as it was able in the electronic Sic Bo machine winning, but after only a minority in the majority, for the time being.

Artur has not met appear clever, nor heard of a systematic betting method that can beat the old and new two Sic Bo machine, as gambling Cable Group, will not stain the hands of these rides, the reason can be imagined ʱ??

As electronic Sic Bo machine highly entertaining, earn points surpasses Casino Betting easier, so gamblers to pay entertainment costs are reasonable, the game centers have to pay to play machine, the different nature of the two, but the same thing, you want to take to bring in this machine, the non-extraordinary luck there is not.

To reduce losses, does have a way, the first is really gambling, buy big on the big, buy small is small, do not play hedging "uh minute", they buy big and buy small result, it must be the size of the take-all, even make up around dice, but fill amount is insufficient, at any time will be punished, because this machine all by the electronic control, without human, intelligent anomaly.

Odds electronic machines Sic Sic Bo Po higher than manpower, natural-taking rate lower, their reconnaissance of objects, the first is the single highest odds around, followed by the full circumference, again double dice, dominoes, and then turn points, and finally the size, can be divided into four projects, to be in Huozhongquli from low odds project began, rich always have to beg in danger of.

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