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"Golden God of Gamblers" Sic Bo tables on

Less in this column about Sic Bo This stuff, because of a psychological disorder, feeling "large and small" and "around the dice" to a mind-take-all, unfair to punters, of course Attu also understand what gambling is also pumping the play set, otherwise Casino The sundries, the worth of luxury equipment, and the government of hundreds of millions of tax burden and by whom? Of course, you can bet "Wai dice" to protect the country, but lost 24 1 odds, it is not to be drawn up "flood" ʱ??

Some smart people will bet on the Sic Bo of 1-6, or the "Yuxia" project, because even open a "roll around", if hit, they do not killed note, on the contrary, the single dice 1 lost 1, Craps 1 lost 2, Triple Dice 1 lost 3, in full compliance with the requirements of the odds, casino smoked dark water, 6 it was betting, then, out of three different single-dice killing 3 lose 3 casino no loss, open the craps, the casino lost 2 kill 4, profitable, as the three dice whole circumference, casinos lose 1 kill 5, the most substantial.

This is a mathematical argument, but Gambling Things, not alone counts can be profitable, such as MIT's sharp Blackjack Card counting teams, thousands of operators under the 000 operator, met the dealer to get Black Jack, as to vanquish, they are based on law of large numbers to win.

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DB under the facilities of each method, there is a middle-aged man who has been called the "Golden God of Gamblers", and every day with an extraordinary gamble cable, Sic Bo and Fan Tan in the table, find their own living expenses, we note, He was nicknamed the "Golden God of Gamblers", not "Goldfinger", the origin of the name, not because he was particularly expensive watches, but he likes to "wear down" watch, face down, they do not look at the time and let others see ʱ??

"Golden God of Gamblers" is a cool guy, he thinks science can not explain DB, Thaksin Wang doors and weak door, in the absence of Wang weak situation, he would stand by and nothing will not bet, but the so-called Wang doors with all six numbers in Sic Bo, just do a simple statistic, at a glance, using a middle-aged Chinese shop near 30 or 60 shop calculations.

Among the table 6, Mr. "Golden God of Gamblers" to "positive" word Wubi marked, 1-6 in six checkered, who longest, who clearly show a minimum, he will be added to the fluorescent color for identification, it is foolproof, as long as a fortune, he does not count the "time" you can get cable was, although he did not count the time, but his bet, but definitely count more clearly.

He will first determine the presence Wang doors, but hovering in the no "even blind" shop two or more, and this time, he will carry out his bet cables, bet on a single number is their favorite, even after five SHOP with the aggressive type of 1,3,7,15 and 31 straight cable, the cost is 57 Note, 100 yuan for each injection.

Most of the time, Wang doors are rarely even five blind shop to calculate the probability that any one number, namely 15 consecutive five dice Aberdeen shop among the chance is very low grain does not appear, on the contrary, Wang doors open Craps situation often occurs, an open double or triple dice, then earnings will be very considerable, as was the fifth win in style, then multiplied by 31 Note 3 times earnings, 93 were recovered note, the profit is very considerable, and it is the greater the risk, the higher the profit.

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