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Sic Bo bet personal point of view, to see the road better than to see the dealer

Sic Bo In fact, there are two main shaking method, think and dealers have a great relationship, and other owners after the general charge End Note, the big screen in front of the dealer points which should occur in combination Casino Greater profit, this time, the dealer will enjoy control.

Two kinds of shaking method, one is panning, generally used to kill big bet, when there is one or two small, the dealer will be dedicated to pan,Dice Will only parallel rolling several times. Most of the results or small ...

Another is vertical shake, usually found in larger point, in order to dice shuffled, vigorously shake the dice fly up, but this is generally a big probability is very large.

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Of course, this shake the above two methods, it also depends on dealers, some dealers careless, just put on to, the general big bet on the right, because it would vigorously shake at the dealer, usually a large, and a 14:00 After high probability.

Some dealers are disciplined, just look at the screen and then out of the casino to respond favorably points, which is generally seen in novice dealers.

Some veteran dealer .. it is powerful, and will put a few to give you, so when you are comfortable and then start making means ...

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