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First play Sic Bo novice reading

First, remember that the first article:Not be greedyʱ??

Rules are as follows: bet size, large and small probability of 50% each, considerably large bet to win your next bet, otherwise you lose the bet.

Therefore, play to win the following: Each bet big, such as each bet 100, each bet big, win big re-charge, lost to doubles, charge 200 won to re-charge 100, lost and then turn fold, bet 400, has been so calculated down, just to win each round on your next bet.

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Since the win, so many people will win after raising the stakes, and then lost to follow to increase the bet doubles, finally lost all bookie, not to win back a reincarnation.

So, remember the second, each round (that means a new round after the last winning) the first to before, please confirm how much your bookie and bet this is 128 times your bet is absolutely safe, 64 times very safe, very dangerous 32 times, 16 times certainly lose our shirts.

Since Sic Bo The maximum field can only bet 500,000 common currency confused, so divided by 128, the maximum charge for each 3900, you'll eventually win. Remember ah, every time only the largest confused coins bet 3900, and the premise is that you must be a bookie 500,000 or more. Otherwise, each bet must be your biggest bet of the total by 12 (except 64 may be, but it is not absolutely safe.)

If your bookie has reached more than 128 million coins confused, you can apply for VIP, the minimum charge per one million coins confused, to experience the feeling gamble.

Oh, I hope you quickly get rich ah!

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