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Discussion and online Sic Bo casino law

Played faithful should play Sic Bo will find gambling Sic Bo, the different points or size has its different laws, a lot of friends to play are considered, namely the law of master them, playing Sic Bo foundation.

Sic Bo and Baccarat law actually little different, not the same bet that a lot more projects, focus on what the project when it is important that, after a long period of actual analysis, found 7 different projects rules:

1, the size of the dragon, single Ssangyong, this and similar Baccarat, Sic Bo dragons out is relatively frequent, single-hop dragon relatively less, with several play chase the dragon, and timely adjustments, the flow , or better operation.

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2,4 3, I know this project is only EA platform, but also I like Moab, 4 3, only four bets projects, but is interwoven, 1234,2345,2356,3456 bet 1-2 items, as long as no pair, 7 times earnings is very impressive, observe, when a pair of continuous or widely spaced points such as 1 and 6 simultaneously to avoid these periods, charge The probability is relatively large.

3, pair, pair my bet is relatively small, although accompany rates than 4 3 1 times (1 pair accompany accompany 8,4 3 1 7), but six dice will be a pair , the probability of 1/6, compared to 4 in 3 chance of it, that point to accompany the rate difference, the figure is not worth, so I just feel encumbered occasionally follow it, do not bet as the main project.

4, charge points, that is, and values ​​accompany this higher rate, but thinks too, and generally occurs when the size of the dragon, incidentally, you can bet points, spotted the odd and even if you could, it would be a better bet, 14 options, in addition to half the size, half odd and even apart from the actual bet on three or four projects, the minimum 6-fold, up to 50 times the rate of paternity, when chasing the dragon came with the charge, income is good, but points will be often several in a row put in three consecutive hovering trend that dragged more cool, I'll bet many times three points in a row to open a 7-8, which are also considered Long Bar, and accompany rate high.

5, two combinations, such as 12,23,36, which I bet is relatively small, the probability is not, although the rate of 1 to accompany accompany 5 is not low, but this regularity is not strong, to see their hobby.

6, a single point, I usually single and double in size no time to feel anything, you bet bet a single point, this income is not high, but if there are hot spots in a row when the charge is also a good bet.

7, leopard, can not be met, the feeling came, bet few, harmless, in the profits, no damage was also not the best state in their own good time to take charge next, even if not the leopards, custody Other items can also be recovered leopard bet money.

Sic Bo play the most important is to look at the trend, without thinking of the case do not bet, it is easy to lose money betting casually, so industry experts suggest that before playing Sic Bo, be sure to understand all aspects of the law of Sic Bo, until the emergence of a species law, when is the time we shot, we win the game time will come.

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