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Sic Bo about the problem - talk casino math game!

Sic BoGame It is filled with three in a cage Dice Flip shake dice roll cage to make people play from 1-6 can bet any number, as long as a number of dice appear, he said when he got the money he bet several participants often think: If this cage There is only one dice, I bet the number can only appear once in six times. If there are two dice, the six will appear twice. There are three dice, they will have to win six times, this It is like.

Read this post you made, you have been concerned about the high odds of the players, this dice game, buy a digital, shooting 50 percent, and is not to kill the leopards will not be pumped, I always thought to understand this issue ʱ??Casino Advantage? Thank you advice.

The above question, I stroll next door when there is a moderator submitted. For most people, particularly those with no contact person permutations and combinations, it looks completely naked is 1/2 probability of the game, 3 dice, number 6.

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In fact, the Sic Bo game. House advantage of up to 7% ~ !!

Your odds of winning are not 50% but 42.129629%

plan 1:

Results A total of three dice 6 ^ 3 = 216 kinds, which "does not contain one of these figures," the results of a total of 5 ^ 3 = 125 kinds. Thus, "containing at least a certain number" of results have 216-125 = 90 kinds.

Scenario 2:

There is also a side can lose the bet you want - the probability is 5/6 * 5/6 * 5/6 This result is clearly up. You have more than 57% may be losing gamble.

Mathematics can not be empirically Mathematics is Betting The cornerstone no house advantage of the game does not exist.

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