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Law of web games fruit machine

Web games fruit machines which generally have eight meal patterns, 24 running lights.Each pattern has 3 running lights.Eight patterns were big strike, red seven, Lansing, watermelon, bell, mango, orange, cherry.This law is a big strike fruit machines, Lansing, bell, multiple orange on up to 7, for example, can have a large strike on the biggest of the four multiple 17,27,37,47.Red seven, up to a multiple of watermelon, mango, cherry on 9, when if you hit the dinner saw red seven on 27, 37 on the watermelon, mango has 23, there are 37 such multiples cherries, then this NTU Dining is strange digital version, this machine is designed to deal with such a pure technology play we designed for people, you better not play.

Here are first and second generation feast key parts: 1 fruit feast out of hours can be seen as typical digital and equine support if the machine after killing pm start now 19,29,39,49 times, it shows loom large on the staging of the coming. Then your chances of winning here.

2.It is a multiple of eight in any one of the multiple has its reasons, of which I am temporarily unable to disclose secret.Digital and equine whole thing at the end of the machine and it must be a time-sharing.For example: left to right are 23,30,41,2,17,5,3,90 case on multiple bell 17 times, 17 times that this is the will out, (10 times out of at least 7 times).If the machine has a certain end points that will be out, even if not 17 times, will be five times.So sharing took charge 17 times and 5 times full charge, other multiples can charge 2 percent.But the premise is the mango horse type must be 5 or 6 times, a hundred times can not sit cherries, such as 23,30,41,2,17,9,3,200, it is difficult to come out 17 times.Today Temporarily Xieyanmache time sake, finally sending you a dead horse: when the machine appears 2,3,41,5,31,20,90,10 horse type, you put the watermelon, bell, mango charge Man, every other gate charge 1-2 percent, the smallest machine also ran five times.Typically run 20 times as mango, mango will sit out 20,21,22,24,28.

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