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Landlords farmers win gambling websites tips

Landlords game site, a lot of times we would choose to do farmers, because it is not in the cards when we are good enough to make landlords, in not sure when or conservative, a farmer, though a little less likely to win At least grasp will be much larger, so Landlords farmers win what? Here we give our talk.

(1) does not lay down the family home is not top

On the home (goalie) basic idea is that the landlord can not put a small card landlords go. So, usually based cards, to put pressure on him, let landlords small card nest at home or let him occupy himself out of cards, wasting his control card; and under the big top home should not, try to walk along his cards at the right time to give the landlord a hit record!

This is often the case, we play with. But sometimes, "goalkeeper" That's rather a whole, the case can go cards, put about water would not hurt. After all, no matter who should finish, in addition to the landlord we are all winners That there why not do it!

(2) solo run of heroism

This principle should be very obvious, like when the Kuomintang-Communist cooperation against Japan, the Communist Party of China put forward should not fight Chinese people the same reason, but still easy to make this mistake when some beginner just playing. They often overestimate their abilities, think their own power alone, can easily leather the "landlord" of life, until the final defeat when eating regret, too late! So be sure to keep in mind is that we cooperate Landlords can play the game. like football, is not a person you like to play well on it. If your power is really strong enough, you can also make your partner first and out Well, you call the landlord too late.

(3) a high score even further

I believe that no one can win not want to win points. So when one team "plug bottom" or "alarm" after a bombing finished, send it out completely met oh skills should be a lot. When his teammates do have size flowers, your card type but not very good, when to leave a 3.3 under the circumstances, though not a good thing, but in this case maybe there oh her effects.

(4) teammates back and forth, "millstone child"

Local master "plug bottom" (only one), this move "millstone child", is probably the most commonly used for players with some experience, must have their own deep experience in this, I also talk about my views and to share it.

When the landlord just "plug bottom", after the farmers obtain licensing rights, if they will be able to finish, not much to say, it does not need to "grind child".

After consideration of the various methods with a card, a single card is still more (one or more), this time really want to "grind child" of Before "push", it is best to send a card or small single small three with a single, to give partner a chance (annunciator), if the partner access card, then a smooth transfer of licensing rights to partner hands. partner cards back then, if we can finish out the victory. If you can not play out, his teammates can take this After the cards issued leaflets into the "millstone son" stage, until a person has completed their hand until the landlord at this time can only hold cards often inaccessible.

(5) After the landlord "alarm" (left 2) how to deal with

Obviously, this situation than just landlords "plug bottom" is more complicated.Landlords are two single cards, or a pair of it?At this time, the struggle has entered the final stage.2 How many out there, the size of the flowers, whether there are bombs partner may basically be clearer.At this point you should be bold guess, two cards landowners, in the end is what form?Even the hands of the landlord can accurately guess cards.Of course, you know the cards that have already had, the cards did not come out.If the farmers here also absolute control of single brand cards, we should draw a single.Will be hit to "plug bottom", and then hands.If there is no absolute control cards (eg: two flowers are out, nor bombs, etc.).First letter plate to partner, such as Shunzi, Xiao San belt; if the partner can go through, is it done?If you do not meet the licensing partner, this time to recall the front of the cards.Is there a single estimate landlord licensing hand control cards, analysis cards on hand in the form of landlords, and even accurately estimate landowners cards.If two single cards, of course, is made of; if yes right, it should be classified single.This card is a certain degree of uncertainty to certainty, with the brand and change.

Landlords players gambling sites must be clear that it is on the "peasant" friend, teammate Landlords are common fight of the game. And upgrade, there is no coordination, except that you have a strong enough hand, most of the cases ended in failure. So the farmers to stand up with is very important, and this is the important point with the game to attract players.

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