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Slots economics - Casino Ponzi Big Secret

Open a Casino, You need three things serve as forms of wealth:

Underlying debt C ​​("money")

Circulation Debt A (Game Currency)

High interest debt B (Points slot machine inside)

A B must maintain a relatively higher increase (casino odds drain, so that the majority of the game coins thrown into a slot machine gamble can win points and earn points B grew more than A number of venue)

Growth A to B as collateral (allows slot machine to win points, the slot machine further bets)

A market two-way flow between the A and B (press the key coin, slot machine will spit out a number of points to win game currency)

Having a two-way exchange between A and C markets (money cash game currency counters, maintain stable prices bidirectional exchange between money and the medal)

A can act as a currency in the casino (you can use the medal on behalf of the money in the casino to buy food to buy and drink), but only the venue

Gambling Economics

Target: casino made Candu hands of "money" C

the way:

1. On gamble odds set drainage, so use Candu A slot machine can have a high probability to win the number of points within a certain percentage of a slot machine, but only to gamble with play money A slot machine (slot machines do not eat money, eating game currency). This will attract more players to the "money" C DB medal in honor of counter convertible into A, then A Candu slot machine to earn the medal B.

2. DB can continue to maintain a winning slot machine inside, while limiting the number of slot machines grew more slowly than the total amount of play money in the hands of Candu A to point B to maintain the inside slot machine game currency relative attractiveness of A (A into slot machines replaced by B to winning), so that players continue to approach, to continue to exchange their own C to A, and constantly thrown into the A slot machine into B.

3. If the Candu number decreased, resulting in the money exchanged for tokens C A B enter the number of gambling into points, and the Candu gambling Points A and B in exchange for a medal against the amount of money back gradually move closer C ( That casino cheat less than more "money" C net inflow), the sudden change of program settings gambling, slot machine set in points B not immediately spit out the appropriate medal A, limit time limit can only spit out, every Some people spit every time limit, thereby reducing the total number of medal A player hands the same time, thereby reducing the medal A C convertible to money pressures, keeping the overall direction C net redemption to A.

4. When the limit against the setting does not resolve the problem, would be to reverse the direction of seeing the last casino money C net inflow dropped significantly, the casino will further change the program settings, the odds to the players a high probability losses. Such casinos do not lie nominally ( casino slot machines must be no commitment to let you win), but the players have huge loss in the gamble, points B holdings decline, not saying (speed connection). Of course, not all of the slot machines along with the program change, There are several big slot machine or recovery Debu at the original setting, allowing the player to win some of the points B to maintain the confidence of the players.

5.Most players who earn money in gambling in only a few large winning slot machine but also not too many people crowded in, to restless.Some people began to play slot machines in the currency can be converted into points A spit spit it out, and to hand the rest of the game currency A into C quit.But there are some I do not know the ins and outs, want to "buy the dips" exotic new players continue to come into A C.(Part of the casino received when that is in front of the players to take the money to the casino game currency swap C A) At this casino for Showmanship stay in business, while A and C adhere to the exchange rate unchanged, while a portion of the reserve money C Please months out of the money entrusted to him C, genthod exchange counter stood side kept the money for the game against the A C.This is equal to one hand to create "a lot of people are still entering the start," the illusion to attract bargain-hunting players to stabilize the situation.

6. Since the slot machine gamble more and more difficult to win, more and more players in the casino can not find them swinging to swinging to start ignoring surface stable cash ratio, have a handle on the rest of the game currency A payment is C slipped off the money. Of course, some of the players inside the casino owner's relatives, some are not to be trifled foreigners, who earlier received notification casino, the first to go against the part C.

At the same casino boss's relatives also specially designed a new system called "short" is allowed to take a little interest to those who are still inside do not convert to A is C, but could not find a profitable gamble while walking around the Players borrowed two medal A, then himself against the back two 先向 casino money C; wait casino announced the devaluation with a C in exchange for two medal A player back, leaving a C can earn their own go.

Most players think it is unprofitable behavior, because the casino warehouse C seems total, there are many, Forex C and A are also in the hands of the casino, he does not like to change the way they quips: players can play through the casino?

Murder 7. However, more and more people are discovering the approach of just a prop, in fact, regular customers and casino owners are beginning to foreign adults run C; and put out a number of casino A casino is much larger than the number of stock C Casinos seeing a variety of means can no longer maintain a net redemption of C A situation, then put his hand has been maintained usurp C net pay out, suddenly betray final declaration: "So you put two A dollar to the casino when the 2 C, 2 A can now return against a C, "and at the same time began to limit small player with the A to the C-counter exchange rates.

Players angrily flock exchange desk, casino boss while finishing luggage in the background ready to leave, while a few took the medal A number of players hired as thugs, standing exchange desk edge to maintain order.

8. Finally: hard work from foreigners earned money where C before the players have largely been the casino boss, the boss relatives, casino employees and foreign people away.

Players hands A medal can only continue to spend in the casino, not a casino, so the casino rapidly rising prices. The new owners took over the casino stage announcement, criticizing former boss's relatives who are not, by their money escaped fled, and then arrested a number of former boss hired thugs hang a sign around public display to quell the anger of players.

Then the new boss also announced that the original medal void, then trade, for a new casino game currency and then re-opened, repeat the process.

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