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Two cards Landlords gambling game skills

Landlords play two cards more difficult than a deck of cards Landlords game difficulty to be much larger. The reason is that much of note card cards have higher requirements, if you are a landlord player, you will be a pick two variants become a pick three. So if you want to play good two cards Landlords gambling game, my advice is to learn the following.

Landlords one: send cards

Send a landlord licensing is a technical issue, how to win, to see if you will not send a card.Examples given, if we hand the cards, just left a few, you do not know what cards your partner needs, then look at how you sent him a hand.If you have got a small pair, there are a large pair of A, then I suggest you send a pair, even if your partner not been connected to the landlord, then you can use a pair of A recover.If you are not a pair of hands or a pair of A K, then I suggest you do not send such a pair, in case your partner does not, go to the hands of the landlords, the opportunity to give the landlord ran a license.If your partner can not afford to pick a pair, in the past a single brand, it is estimated that he must be brought to a straight or three.This way, you can try to send some of Shunzi five companions, or three with a, let your partner take.If your partner still do not, then this time, you just give the top card of the landlord, the landlord's big pressure down, let the landlord a single card, give you partner before, you continue to the top, because such cards, presumably you The companion can finish.

Landlords Skills II: running brand

Running cards would be a very simple technique the example of cards in your hand, especially along, only used the card Zhang, backhand out of a single 2, landlords do not, you throw it all over. So I suggest that you, like single license not too directly under 2, out to a single hold, allowing landlords to blow, to make things difficult. This is called technology, and if you had a single license, and then the next 2. So landlords also had a single card.

Another example landlords have got double king, and there are four cards in your hand, one pair of 2 plus 2 single card, if you turn out the card, and you are the landlord, I suggest you handle two throw together a two to go, leaving two unknown cards, so the landlord to nervousness, the landlord double king hands out to cheat the dissolution, so even if lost, would not lose * double score, which is who experience and knowledge of technology.

Landlords Skills III: Top Brand

Landlords top card is the process, a key influence-win.Many of the players on the landlord, thought he brand Shun, Zhang consider themselves a few cards can win, they are often not the top card of love, made him too small card, but also lose the opportunity to complete a small card to the landlord, and the Victory ended a run.So, under the landlords home, whether you cards are good, bad not bad, it must give the landlord at the top card.If you do have a single card is over, you can play out, then just hand the landlords have such a single card to go on, you can win.So this is not to give the landlord a chance.So, Landlords, while sitting on the landlord players, must be the top brand, so a top, can cause a run to the landlord of the difficulty of licensing.

Above, it is to teach you how to play two cards Landlords gambling game, if the above points, you can understand, can understand, then you can make two cards Landlords gambling game to be your riches a fast-track.

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