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Mahjong note card must master basic skills

Improve playing mahjong cause irritation real money a lot, but the requirements of the players is very high, we must seriously careful in the game, otherwise it will cause the loss of money. Note card for each mahjong players are supposed to be a basic skill, even if you do not know any tricks, to remember the simplicity of each card can make you a winning percentage has increased, while the skill itself is very skilled player, able to remember the words of the good cards will be even more powerful.

Want to remember every card, for ordinary players is a difficult task, but you can from the smaller number of exercises slowly remember more cards, as long as the note card in the game of consciousness , continue to go to practice, after the end of each game recall yourself to remember what, forget which, under the Board beginning a lot of attention, so long practice down, slowly note card capacity will be increased. Alternatively, you can also exercise the use of tools note card, such as a pen to write down every piece of paper that had the cards, and now we are in the network game, you can open a Notepad in mind.

If you can not remember the brand, do not be too anxious, do your best, do not memorize, but affect the game thinking, after all other skills are also very important, even if the terms of the note card is short board, other aspects of the skills can make up ʱ??

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Mahjong skill is very high, if we really want to play mahjong good, long years of practice and research needs, but also need to spend more time playing some thought, of course, only if you do not light entertainment think so much, but if you want to win money, only serious fight every dish, to do it as a career, you will have a great level of development and progress, to win money in the game, instead of becoming someone else's "ATM".

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