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ZOOM poker presentation and skills Raiders

ZOOMPOKER So-called "Rapid POKER"PokerStars is the latest game mode, which lets impatient people do not own the finished cards after waiting, and you can quickly jump to another table, called the" general feeling of flying. "And general game than up, ZOOM more exciting, but also brought trouble to many people, it can be said that turnip greens, all have love. and compared with conventional tables, ZOOMPOKER has some different characteristics, which will be come out of a number of different techniques.

In a conventional table, and after a few games, the opponent will grasp some of your information, of course, you, too, but in ZOOM, your position is always in the conversion, which makes the opponent impossible to grasp your message and, therefore, no way to determine if you are a player or unrestrained flow is actually very cautious, which allows you to play more relaxing, without fear of being seen through and easily overcome. But you judge also greatly increase the difficulty of others, so it needs keen sense of smell, how to find the short game in the opponent's characteristics and to develop targeted strategies, this is a question of the need to study.

ZOOMPOKER there is a feature that your blinds will quickly lose, if you are a tight player hand, is likely to lose a lot more than before the big blind, which is a conventional table ZOOM and a fairly large difference, so I suggest you play a little ZOOM in bold some more grab some blinds.

Data show that the majority of players in the game will be played ZOOM tighter than usual, full of people regular game, players will play a small 5% of hands, while the 6-max is 7%, you can adjust accordingly your strategy. You know, ZOOM is not looking for game fish, in order to more easily win, you have to learn to beat the average style. Also, if your nimble enough to quickly gather information, then each table you can play like a duck.

In ZOOM, the location can not be the only one quick fold but had to wait for the big blind, so many big blind players will play more loosely than usual, it is worth noting. In addition, to be alert to those You can quickly fold not so do the players, obviously, his hand so that he needs more attention and consideration.

In ZOOM, the volatility of your money is much greater than the regular season, to learn habits, but to strengthen the management of funds, but played more hands also gives you the opportunity to gain more VIP Points, that You can upgrade your PokerStars VIP level, a higher level of free tournament tickets, bonuses and free goods faster are waiting for you, oh.

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