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Landlords player character analysis

Speaking Landlords skills, a lot of players can rattle, yes, Landlords is a tricky game, from the note card to card counting, to cooperate skills, players can say demand is very high. So Landlords master as you have not considered the impact of the opponent character on the outcome of a game of it?

We played a few games in a row at a card table, the players on their side would have a certain understanding of character, he is an impulsive-type player, or make you laugh and cry too careful? He was very rational, playing French law-abiding, or tricks, does not always play by the rules Art of War goes:? know thyself, know the Landlords game, you have a lot of understanding of their opponents in order to successfully win.

The most easy to deal with the players, I am afraid of the impulsive type. For such players, Landlords greatest pleasure lies to an enemy, he do not care what brand their own hands, even if the hand is 10 or less full piecemeal small card, he would rush to go get the landlord, "luck." It's hard to call the landlord from his move to grab the judge out of his hand, but do not nervous, because such players tend to play and Like the landlords called impulse, so you just slow and steady, and he deal with it. If you feel his cards okay, then boldly go get landlords it, do not be scared of his momentum, it is likely to be a surprise for you ʱ??

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Cautious players will often make the situation seem boring. They only get a very smooth when called big landowners, the other most of the time, they took his good hand, silently waiting for you to call the landlord, then quietly beat you Faced with such a player, you need to do is to be more cautious than he, even if you think your cards well, but also consider the case of opponents cards, if they feel they might get big, it was careful now.

Players are neither special rules flow impulse, not very careful, they play very strictly in accordance with the theory that if he called the landlord, then it must be his card type relatively smooth, if he does not call, it must be because the brand is not very good Play one thousand may not be an exception, so that it is easy to infer that player's cards, but not particularly easy to beat, because such players are mostly technically very set against such players, to trespassing out of Jones, will with Pianzhao, occasional cards are not particularly good time to call a landlord, maybe there will be unexpected results.

While some players like to go to the other extreme: his cards well when we seek to grab called the landlord, cards good time maybe sometimes you do not say a word from him to earn a lot of the score, and when he was again. Pit was no temper. to deal with such players have no particularly good way, the rules a little to play it, because there is no way you speculate on his psychological, can not judge his card type, but such players winning often not high, so you also do not particularly tense.

Different players have different personalities, and different character in turn determines the different style of play, at the start of a game, it is best to look at the player's character, to know ourselves and to know yourself.

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