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Landlords want to win two points

One,Note card This will be tempting to believe that the old players to remember, but still another note, the note card that you have to keep in mind before the others and themselves too big, so you can according to their own hands, there is no maximum card, you can run more few cards, or directly to your big chance to win it. Do not know silly this card is now the biggest.

II.Bid, Bidding technique is also a need to study it. Do not call the landlord wanted to get the bomb, because you get the bomb, then no big words tend to lose, and if you get the opportunity to others to get the bomb will be greater, unless it is to get fried king, bombs, it is best to get a chance 2 2 1 king so that you can have control.

There are various steps need to learn to play cards, such as coordination, cards, etc. This is not introduced one by one, which you have to have research, in order to achieve regular opportunities to win.

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