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Golden Key Real Money tie the game how winning

Golden tie the game for a lot of people are not familiar with, but there are a few people can smoothly through the bar Jinhua to winning it? A lot of people think that bar Jinhua is a game of luck, it is not true, lay in the eyes of "luck" In the eyes of experts is the real deal "technical." To play the game winning bar Jinhua, lay the psychological warfare is critical.

First, good at using the "Monte" technology

Some people would say, "Meng" Is not bet fortune? "Mongolia" What technology? In fact, you Mongolia, Mongolia is also, like others, because they can not see from your face in your hand size, beginning Do not think of winning a few, first cast to luck, beginning with a few smooth, then fine shot. Attached Mongolian several Board may also confuse others, others that you really like Mongolia, then a small card and you dare I dragged on, because they did not dare. So you virtually took advantage, and this is a psychological advantage.

Second, at the appropriate time "on"

Remember not greedy enough, a master degree. To finally upper dragon gold 2-3 can be opened, shun gold four open, 3 6 open. The degree is very suitable to get big just like other people busted their ass, it is likely to hit the people of iron, a return to liberation. So be sure to secure, as long as you have the technology, money is earned endless. no hurry that time.

Third, falsehoods, confuse opponents

Sometimes got big into small cards look, first beating the others and the reality, usually steady beat did not hurt a bit, and occasionally fried chicken will be miraculous. Cards Do not be too real, like military forces, as falsehoods, let others touch less than your bottom, in order to win money. Of course, if you have no money flows do not hardcore, Mongolia two laps on it.

Good luck own time, do not borrow money to give, will take away good luck, this is a particular taboo.

Golden tie the game may seem simple, in fact, where the doorway is very large, which secret, only a lot of combat, a lot of experience to be able to fully realize the.

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