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Three Card Poker players to share online gambling experience

Personally like three card poker games, online play three cards of the advantages I think needless to say, we all know. In the course of three cards to play, and why the rest of us lose much less win, this problem has troubled three cards with a lot of poker players through, careful analysis, I found myself still three cards for gambling research thorough enough reason, so specifically to spend time and effort to further study, but the effect is very good, at least now the input into the money to win back.

Let me first cards were analyzed for singles, singles cards after all probability accounts for the largest part, and that the cards often singles between strength and deceptive play different roles.

Deck of cards did not see that it will not have much of it we disappointed? It is our mathematical expectation is how much? Can be seen from the above table, brand mathematical expectation led the brand in a single K being, actually, is probably a K with a 9 and 8. In other words, two people and do not know each other cards, so if holding their own deck of cards, other than you or younger than you the probability is the same. Then we take a look at these opening singles of cattle brand, how the results?

The table shows the probability of A led large ratio of 25.61%, so there is bound to open A, especially the so-called A singles championship belt KQJ who led hesitate .K not necessarily, because the mathematical expectation in them. This is a watershed .K on behalf of the big win rate of about half of the above talked about K98 is exactly half and led Q and J led the chance to win less than half the battle. Especially when you took J23, you 79.1 % want to lose.

Next, the Golden tactics to make some analysis, we all know, are the singles, the probability of A led to larger than the other card type, because just a pair of singles (for example A104) we led it classified as A, instead of 10 or 4 led led.

Leopards and Junko situation is relatively simple, leopards and leopard 2 A probability is the same. Junko too, probability and probability AKQ 234 is exactly the same. This increases the uncertainty of when the big game.

However, the probability of the emergence of a variety of Golden is different. We can understand, a pair of Golden AK6 spades, we put it classified as A K gold or gold instead of 6 gold. This way we are and so on It can be obtained, but the greater the probability of occurrence of the more Daikin here Table III shows the probability of various gold:

The calculation method is very simple:

A gold: (12 * 11 / 2-2) * 4 = 256 species;

K gold: (11 * 10 / 2-1) * 4 = 216 kinds;

Q gold: (10 * 9 / 2-1) * 4 = 176 kinds;

J Kim: (9 * 8 / 2-1) * 4 = 140 species;

And so on


5 gold: (3 * 2 / 2-1) * 4 = 8 kinds;

Analysis: we can see, A, K, Q gold accounted for 59.12% of Golden card type general combat, the remaining people filled the first two stakes, who do not want to open within the Office outsider knows this. When both sides are at least more than the Golden Flower card type. The question is, how the two sides know each other, at least under the premise of the Golden Flower, judge for yourself how much winning it?

We found that the probability leopards and flush small (0.45%), which is 200 times before the time. Even less prone to the Golden and the same ratio, leopards and flush also appears to be very rare. We can known the other side is golden flower probability that under the judge, that is to ignore the other side is the probability of leopards and flush.

For example, I and the other deadlocked, I was a KQ10 gold, then the opponent is larger than I probability A probability is 23.26% gold appear. Similarly, we calculated our known brand is the mathematical expectation of the Golden Flower, and that . is Q95 may be small to the big Golden Golden defined under: Jinhua even greater than Q95 big Golden, Golden little less than it is if you are a small Golden, from probabilistic terms:. "You should open a card . "If the probability of leopards and flush Plus, the big (Jinhua above) mathematical expectation is QJ4 Golden Flower. That is, if you at least know each other is Golden, and you are QJ4, that the other large and than you the probability is smaller than you like.

The above analysis, the probability of only scientific analysis. Maybe a lot of people playing so many fraud Jinhua has a flush or leopard have not appeared, I have only one night to play when play dozens of laps, actually came twice leopard and two flush, "happy money" have won a lot.

Actual combat, but also consider a lot of content, such as "seed money" How much, if 4 people to play, the end of the money 5 per person, only one person black two while you are Q led, then the equivalent of one to four , so even if there is a Q also open another black 1 2 1: 2, Black 2 5 1: 2.5, which are practical things to consider, but also with people who play fraud Jinhua psychological qualities and other related, or is likely to be "fraud water chicken" (a very small card, but the money is not mad with the flop, the big scare of the behavior of others) Oh, for example, there was a no-name 357 through "fraud" , actually the whole scare others.

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