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Landlords top players skills

Landlords and gold face any senior field Game Like, we must pay attention to luck, luck means that the first, but there are many not very good card type, through certain techniques can come back, indicating Landlords technical ingredients is very important, and this is its charm To improve the technical level of Landlords, must have the following skills, specifically summarized as "five card."

One face gold advanced field Landlords note card must be good. Note card you want throughout the game has always been. Note card principle is descending to the exclusion of memory, that is, those who are out of entertainment What suit? What are the big left ? mind licensing process also pay special attention to the "off" brand, because such cards could become a bomb, while paying particular attention to local primary anti-bomb, because you are out to score twice.

Second, senior field Landlords face gold cards to be good at analysis. Usually Landlords master card out of three times, the distribution can probably tell some of the cards, which are good at analysis of the results. If you out "A", the landlord Party soon made a "2", he single "2" more likely; Again you out "2", the landlord side not, in most cases, two kings went to a become a bomb.

Third-face gold advanced field Landlords should be good for a license may also be referred to as change of the "Siemens", send cards, etc. Here, the brand change is when you are Landlords party when, after the cards for the big, According to the landlord side fear a type cards such as he was afraid of the list, you can split the pair out; sometimes he was afraid of the pair, in the case of his cards can not be applied, or even on the demolition of the sentence child come out. In short, what the landlord afraid of what their family needs you what.

Fourth, on the landlord's home top card should be good. There are many such card type, after landlord licensing side, had a sort of cards can win, if the card does not pass, he will lose The top brand while also swapped out cards and combine.

Fifth, under the landlord should be good to stay small cards. Playing this card has a necessary prerequisite is to have the big bomb, or when you are the landlord Landlords next home, to cover for the fast-cards, when you left a card on the home, you can finish him out of the evacuation tube cards, because in most cases, under the house is a small card, because you are the home of the home of his landlord, he had a top card task.

More than "five card" is my face gold advanced in accordance with the practice field Landlords summarized in the actual playing cards process can not be applied mechanically, with the changes to the Board changes, only to master the techniques described above, the flexible use to play better results.

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