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Landlords master cards Reviews

1.Card counting Here involves a mental problem and a matter of habit, some people do not card counting diet, it can not be diligent, just this habit can be improved in this respect, starting off the sheets, as well as from big to small Brand extension liters each.

2.Guess brand, That is, from the sign face appeared to guess the other hand from the card, which was from the other side of what brand to guess, such as what cards the other out over what these cards are, so guess what the other side may have three belts and even child! on a single 10 points or more out of what had to guess what the other big hand, if the other party still advance with a 2 and Amy when you are out of A, there can guess the other side is a dual 2 points, or do not want top king.

3.Blocking cards First see their position, if it is busy at home we have to first see that he is playing the main, or play check and, if you have the gun and give the main ally, if it is blocking you have to try suicide, to allow Union Army save power, making the top of the hand may be big!

4.Dupai Note, the above is blocked, this is gambling, but also on the chances of counting cards, on the greatest possible chances to determine their own whether to blow up the other side of the cards, and there are likely to be counter-fried.

5.Anti-brand In the extent possible to prevent the big opponent, but also to pay attention to prevent bomb opponent may occur.

6.Chuan brand, Which is critical in the Player's hand blocking position, it served an estimated Allied hands and the hands of the landlords might even sub, sub, leaflets, cards at the right time to pass allies.

7.Play cards And reasonable use of their bombs, more optimistic about what we have to first deputy bomb bombing sacrifice as increasing varus, which is to fight for their chance to get started or allies, if it is to fight for the Allies opportunities must take the pass card to reckon prevent incoming rivals.

There would need netizens everyone to talk about their experience, and a man of experience inevitably limited, Landlords have the majority depends on luck, bad luck, do not be too high if gambling cards. Low-key point, which You will not lose so badly, but in the computer Game Where I know how much luck is not there. There are others playing cards is a crucial habit to find out for home, the ability to see each other, that is, look at the other side of the title, and the chances of winning or losing. Thereby to guess the other side is the master or a novice when cards do not impulse, and stir Fortunately, these make it easy for you to produce the illusion!

When Landlords remember to cultivate note card, card counting habits, more thinking, more summary, I believe that everyone will become a master!

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