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Landlords Skills Experience Index

Many Landlords players through constant practice and improve, summed up some tips Cheats, master these skills and rules will provide great help to you.

Tips one:Mentality- Playing attitude is very important, do not quarrel with your poker buddies, even if he wrong card, you must not curse mouth must always remember: play it.!

Skills II:Card counting- Novice most do not count cards habit, I will be in here too often lost master course, this habit does not come naturally you need to take the train when you start to feel not just card counting, and shows you to master... an important step on the level of selling.?

Tips three:Guess brand- That is, through the cards in their hands and appeared to guess the other hand card face cards, which was from the other side out of cards to guess what is required to focus the eyes and memories to see what cards the opponent out, out. checked the way, (single or right?) thus guess what the other side may have three belts and even children.?

Tips four:Blocking cards- First determine what their own position is in the game, if not the dealer have to first see their own brand is playing the main, or play check, you have to punch if it is the main location to give your friend, if you are blocking you have to try to sacrifice themselves, let your teammates save power, as much as possible in the hands of the big top of the bookmakers! This is important tactical coordination, is an important weapon to win the landlord.

Tips five:Dupai- Note that this is "gambling" and above the "blocking" is not the same gamble gambling licenses is not clueless, so it will be no different with the gambler I talking about here is the chance of card counting gambling licenses. in the greatest possible chance of their own decision whether to blow up the other side of the cards, and there may be the anti-bomb. This can be increased on the basis of your experience of China.

Six tips:Anti-brand- It is necessary to return to the above stated "card counting", when you basically learn at the hands of how many opponents, we should as far as possible what kind of cards after the case to prevent the opponent's big, mainly to prevent the opponent may be bomb appears.

Seven tips:Chuan brand- This is a tactical coordination between teammates reflect, when you can be out of time without a license, it is necessary to transmit the initiative into the hands of his teammates, but also to prevent the landlord took the opportunity to slip this in the Player of the blocking position. He says crucial, come estimated teammates hands and the hands of the landlord may have cards (even sub, sub, leaflets), the cards at the right time at the right clever pass your teammates.

Eight tips:Playing cards (press card)- Rational use of self-owned bomb, bomb, when a plurality optimistic about what we have to first be used as a bombing victim by turning purposes, which is the opportunity to get started bombing the fight for himself or his teammates, if opportunities for his teammates to fight, Operators must take good pass cards to prevent incoming adversary. (Remember, do not see more than one bomb on mental relax, this is taboo military strategists)

After continuous pressure local master card, if the pressure on the landlord's card. This time they have the mad, because this time the landlord is likely to have to rush to sell the cards. If you let him succeed, you have a better hand also the world does not help.

Nine tips:Demolition brand- Removed the sign of great skill, you not only have to consider whether the large post card out now, and consider the next step Gairuhezou demolished a single card how to deal with a series of questions, and so you think. Even when a child, you sometimes want to split pairs suggestion: If you are a Six-less, up to the demolition of two pairs, eight and even up to the demolition of three pairs, and so on, up to no more than three 个 right.

Nine methods mentioned above are commonly used. These are the basic prerequisite Landlords players some tips, many experts are thoroughly cooked in the heart, mind note in line. In the course of the game, the most delightful it It is to make a lot of friends, to have a happy time.

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