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Dice games are played with a variety of rules introduced

Dice rules are simple, varied gameplay, a lot of gambling players will play both hands, then play dice you know how much? Here is a summary of the dice Xiaobian play with the rules of Guinness, you would identify?

First, bet size

Bet size is also one of the most common casino games are played, to use a total of six dice, players guess dice box dice after the dice roll, with 15 points and a half, more than half as large, otherwise small. Guessed the winner, otherwise it is negative.

Second, roll dice

Such games are played five dice per person, each dice roll, roll dice after all bookmakers say 1-6 first three digits, then dice players to open the box, and the dealer have the same point of said digital dice are removed , then replaced a PLAY. The first shift light output dice.

Third, lying dice

Aka Crash dice, each five dice, each shake once, shake after themselves see their points. Then start from the dealer, each shouting their own dice box number (such as 2 3,3 4,5 2 months , etc.), the other guess Believe The letter is replaced PLAY home, do not believe it is out of the box to verify. true then guess who lose, lose anyway dealer.

There are three special rules lying dice. One never cried before 1:00, one can do at any point, for example, two 3 + 1 1, can be used as 3 3. But after shouting to die. Second, only the shouted the greater the call can not be smaller, such as screams 2 6 2 3 no longer shout, but you can call around 3 2. Third dice rules, if the dealer dice box full of 4:00, then You can add a virtual 4:00 is 6 4:00.

Fourth, beef

Per five dice, each dice roll after opening dice box, three Minato 10:00 1 cow, and the remaining two the total number of big wins. If you make up a total of 20 points, that is, two cows, beef is the largest ʱ??

Fifth, Excellencies

Per three dice, each dice box open after shaking dice, three dice total points to take the mantissa, the biggest winner. If the three dice is 3:00, is "Three", it is the largest.

Six, seven hundred eighty-nine

A total of two dice, we take turns shaking dice, dice after opening ending in 7 raise, lose half of 8, 9 all lose, the others are too.

Seven Blackjack

This play is extended by a poker game comes, a dice per person, after the roll dice to see how many points your own shake out, then the dealer roll dice point, closer to the Blackjack wins.

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