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Landlords from licensing cases whether worthwhile PLAY

Landlords dealer victory scoring a lot, but as landlords against the farmers is a very stimulating pleasant thing. So many players love to PLAY. PLAY also requires certain conditions, however, the lack of hand strength when rushing PLAY consequences only farmers can join forces to kill off their feet. Here we start to analyze a brand from a few cases, what kind of cards for PLAY.

[Example One]

This is a very strong KQ2AAKQJ109876543 cards, card type and a good brand, of course, PLAY.

[Example Two]

This is a very weak AAKQQJJ10876655433 cards, and card type of card is very poor, certainly not qualified to PLAY.

[Example Three]

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KQ109876555444333 This is brand strength is weak, but excellent brand card type. No matter what is the three cards, shot on the shore of the possibility of relatively large. Hit three planes, then hit even sub-folk known as "cosmetic abscond" like card type, worth PLAY.

[Four] cases

This is a very strong brand K222J10109886654433 card type but poor cards, even if not subjected to blocking, to the whole kick also require multiple rounds, should be abandoned PLAY.

Cards from several extreme cases, we can get the following conclusions:

First, the card type is very important, very good at card type, even if the brand is weak, you can PLAY.

Second, the brand is very strong but very poor card type, should be avoided PLAY when brand strength and brand type are poor, can not PLAY.

These are just some of the more general conclusions, these make us understand better decide their strategy in the Landlords actual combat, the deck is suitable PLAY, or the flexibility to decide the case according to authorities.

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