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Acting school master deception skills to play mahjong

Players want to win money playing mahjong, but in the end how to win money, but not everyone is clear.

Recommend enough skill players, such as will not note card, card counting, Fold, these basic skills of the players, go play some free online mahjong table, practice your hand, and other basic skills and then participate in a mature cash mahjong in the past, otherwise skills are not familiar with, of course, only losing money on the master copies.

Skills are mastered almost the same since you can start trying to cash mahjong games, but the level of cash mahjong game still to compete, how can grow into a extremely expert - needs to acquire more advanced skills today to introduce The technique is called "sneak", hoping to help you level higher level.

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"Acting" this technique is to teach you how to confuse opponents, an analogy, in the real game, you touch a good hand, you can pretend sighed, and behave more like depressed, it can confuse opponents, let them make wrong judgment, this is just a very basic skills. You can also confusing in the cards in them, think about before you play cards, so why do I fight, so let them play how to think, they will play another card how Thus, after you thought so you will know which card to play the best, rather than arbitrarily beat.

Playing cards when think about many, not just want to judge the opponent's cards, but also to think about how to get them out of your hand does not judge, so that you know ourselves, they do not know your real situation, naturally your chances of winning higher.

Winning that is difficult is not difficult to see if you are willing to spend more for it thought, saying goes, as long as the effort of deep strokes fell great oaks, only pay more, think more about studying, in order to continuously improve the level, but also to Won in more war, and become a true master.

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