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Chengdu mahjong wind blows Advanced Techniques

After a number of players playing mahjong Chengdu for some time, a good skill to master in the game you can win more than lose less. They asked Chengdu mahjong skills, they are also able to eloquence, such as note cards, card counting, buckle cards, etc. But very few people when it comes to psychological tricks, in fact, the wind blows in Chengdu mahjong games is very important, is an advanced skill level in the same battle, as long as you have mastered this technique, inevitably have a higher winning percentage than others.

One of the most simple trick is, if a person looked very nervous, careful, very attentive to others play cards, playing cards, very carefully, as if afraid to be seen down cards, then he got a big probability of a good hand, It was also very happy to get a good hand, feel comfortable mood will written on his face. see his face, you can know whether he got a good hand. And if a person sucks cards, often can not help exposing some of the more irritable, depressed look. Sometimes someone touched card lost out to see, and sometimes scolded card, which is probably because he has no shortage of a fight, so more depressed.

These are relatively simple detail, but to note that not so simple, many people focus on the note card card counting and ignore these things to, in fact, learn how the wind blows calculations will give you more basis in concern of others At the same time, you can disguise yourself, because if the opposite is the master, he may also look to infer from your your hand. If you are "acting", then, when you wish to complain twice to get good cards, Or put on a depressed look, so you can let the other misjudgments, thereby improving their winning side.

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