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Make a high-end betting players, Pai Gow three techniques commonly Secret

Pai Gow, also known as dominoes in China has 900 years of history, is a betting game for all ages. Pai Gow This is the evolution of the dice come, but constitute a far more complex dice, play more rich and interesting. Fight Good Pai Gow, there are many techniques, but some of the more common techniques, but each wants to progress Pai Gow player compulsory.

Pai Gow one of the common techniques: learn note card and all card games like Pai Gow note card is one of the essential skills of Pai Gow players will thirty-two cards altogether, a little thought to practice, should not remember. would be too hard to do. note card is the advanced card counting skills, generally known to guess the unknown Cards Cards are good at guessing cards in the latter part of the dealer's cards can guess pretty close, winning naturally big.

Pai Gow common skills of the two: police Yan concept of color in time to observe the other players look move, one can prevent cross licensing, and secondly, some people emotions exposed, cards good cards or bad, can see some clues from the face. Pai Gow master, even the other side of the card type can guess by the expression of others, perhaps many years of practical skill training out of it.

Pai Gow common skills of three: do not rush to wait at Plaza bet money, watching you at this table the overall situation, if some people today, particularly good luck, especially along, do not hesitate to go with him, of course, if anyone. Shuaishen possessed - do not hesitate to come decisively against him hey, this move is not good for the first two strokes of the players particularly useful Oh.

In addition to these general tips, as well as some of the more high-end, Pai Gow is a game easy to learn and difficult to master, from the code card to play, where skill everywhere. So become a high-end betting player is not easy to want to play Good Pai Gow, really must do a lot of hard work.

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