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Eight kinds can adjust the play mahjong fortune method

Write this article focused on four mahjong real life, these methods are familiar, but not good at summing up, serious mahjong master these techniques can also make you win the game in mahjong athletics, but also mahjong master The secret is well thought of winning. Let us review these winning tips.

the first,Underwear Law: In the hand in progress, as luck is very poor, anti-wear underwear can not wear off or to change the cards are usually shipped to double the number of the ring is also effective in men wear pants or vice versa, or wear a symbol. pants playing cards.

Second,Glasses of water law: In the hand in progress, in order to wash away the bad luck deliberately spilled tea, attention turned toward the water to yourself, to a limited, more anti-drowning himself.

Third,Extract Method: For example, in order to sit down and take a flower blooming rod; set of books in his chair and let it sit at home lose; the cans kick to his home office to empty pockets or whichever stepped foot into a fly swatter a. That ride to win.

Fourth,Smoke law: Deliberately fierce smoke to produce smoke, not the butts off, a pick one of the allowed burning slowly to add Wang himself, troubled him home.

Fifth,Delay law: The use of time delay method, such as losing people, the use of meal break, deliberately slow eating to increase winnings and winning the hearts of those who were eager to go home in the hand, deliberately slow down as soon as possible in order to dawn. end hand tactics. The so-called winning afraid to eat, afraid of losing money dawn. it is this truth.

Sixth,Stink face France: This method is used by the poor manners, but is sometimes used in non-perception, such as losing money, and after Jieti Paizhuo, put a stink face, in order to influence the mood of his house to play cards, in order to obtain transfer defeated to win.

Seventh,Move the table method: Deliberately moving the table, affecting his family psychology, remove Meiqi.

Eighth,Cigarette law: Bad luck, make his home to smoke, for its cigarette lighter, especially please Mong pumping to burn Mong, Mong withdrawing its gas.

For more than individual behavior, in real mahjong athletics, we have often encountered such a use other players out, but we have not been given attention, read this article came before. Finally I wish you every day, the big winner in real money poker buddies Competitive mahjong hit the ground running, good fortune!

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