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Landlords carefully study "s + landlord luck theory"

Luck is real in the air a single-celled animals, the luck of the world, there are two, one is good luck, one is bad luck (the human equivalent of a man and woman) good luck and bad luck Health down child may be good luck, it may be bad luck, luck is a parasitic body, you need to attach to the body in order to survive, the human body can provide the necessary nutrients for the luck, luck wandering in the air every day is to find their own parasitic body, each a different hobby luck, some like water, some like fire, like some men, some like a woman, every body can have only one chance to occupy, if another chance would like to enter only beat the original before they can enter the human body luck! Good luck when attached to the body, the body rapidly rising value of good luck, bad luck when attached to the human body, the rapid rise in the value of bad luck, when there is luck when the body, no matter what things are well, I believe we often hear some people say, the two innocent along, doing very well! This is the best of luck attached to the body, too, this time playing baccarat also logical Win! possessed when bad luck when doing very unfavorable, but also likely to step on dog feces through the night, this is the famous Je te dis merde! Have mahjong Many people have had this experience, just Play it back on time, good brand, but Hu is not on! this time went to the bathroom, wash-hand, playing back, even do five village! This is because you wash your hands when it came to Water-loving good luck, good fortune and hobby water your body beat bad luck to be able to start winning!

That a friend would ask, how do I know when I was good luck, and when I was bad luck? This is what I want to say the following "landlord theory"

Landlords, we will play with Landlords also try your luck, said earlier, because luck is present in the human body, depending on the human body, a combination of both to each other, can produce a strange effect, and even change the three-dimensional world! Affect Earth magnetic field, so that the development of things tend to side to their advantage! Landlords, no matter what you call the landlord, if you catch a bad card in one hand, but you call the landlord, up 3 cards are used, the final success turning 3 turn, buddy, you do not hesitate, good luck possessed, and quickly enter the casino! Due to luck this time you do not know when it will go, probably two minutes, may two days, you try not to change their status, because As I also said, luck is loving, then you possessed good luck, if you go to wash your hands, possibly water-loving bad luck will beat your body good luck, if you open the window, you may luck in vivo because they do not like the wind, and leave your body, if you happen to have a bowel movement, you may encounter feces luck! Dude, try simmering Landlords now, if you put a few in a row cards are very bad, often for 3 four a five six seven one eight pairs of nine pairs 10 a J K Q for a tip, or brand is good, but the lack of total output, then you will love Gansha just do go to, is Big bad luck possessed it! Casino is not suitable for you at this time, thinking of ways to get rid of bad luck now! Landlords, if you play a few, have to win or lose, you will now still no luck in the body, Play Casino is bound to be winners and losers win lose, basically there is no winning or losing, not suitable at this time to play, managed to find good luck

This is the famous "luck theory" I study + "landlord of" only for testing!

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