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International Mahjong: the time is not yet ripe

Japan should be held most mahjong game, but also on the success of the competition system to do the closest country. All game are carried out in an automatic mahjong table, so that the players can play in one day more innings. Result structure faces The biggest problem at the time that it takes. Because of competition and public holiday held only on weekends, many events need only preliminaries several weeks. The players do not live in Japan is difficult to get involved. In addition, the Japanese legal restrictions related to gambling, mahjong game not have huge sums of money so that players lost motivation costly travel expenses to come to the tournament.

As for the game system, usually scores to determine overall, after the end of each round will be eliminated half or more of the players. After each round score will be cleared and start again. There is also some day tournament, will play four to six games to score determines winners and losers.

European competition usually lasts one to two days, three or four games a day game. Mahjong last column of the authors of such noble beauty has repeatedly won the game. Because, unlike Japan automatic mahjong table, a slower pace of the game. Each round will there is a time limit, which means not all games can be carried out in the end. Scoring with Japan almost, but Europe will have in the national-team game as a unit.

Outside Japan, the largest is the World Series of Mahjong Mahjong tournament (WSOP) .WSOP innovation, competition system has improved every year. In 2010 the race was held in The Venetian Macao, the players will not be eliminated within a couple of days ago, can effectively reduce the luck the impact. Alan Kwan, director of tournament rules for the establishment of a new bonus distribution system to score and not ranked in proportion to the divide bonuses. like mahjong industry events continue to introduce new ideas, we can say that the future of the pioneers of the perfect game system ʱ??

Now online mahjong game began to slip. Online mahjong tables faster than auto, and removes the geographical barriers, and the size of the players but also for the provision constitutes a convenient desk and many weekend players can attract more than two hundred. And Field Competition The difference is that online games are usually the highest total score than the continuous predetermined number in the field, during which contestants can play numerous games due mahjong lovers around the cultural differences and geographical distance, online game there may be hope for the future of mahjong tournament lies.

International Series of Mahjong tournament held timing is not yet mature, but around the world as more Mahjong tournament held one day there will be a way to make the majority of players are satisfied with the international competition system. Common aspiration of different countries mahjong lovers, soon The future can share the game on a big stage.

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