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Faced betting, you have what kind of way of thinking?

Faced with gambling, there are two modes of thinking, one is the traditional mode of thinking, a scientific mode of thinking. Traditional thinking or intuition intuitive grasp of gambling, such gulping formula emotional way of thinking is the overall grasp of gambling, Gambling can not discuss details and local, have integrity and fuzziness.

Things and traditions are usually seem mysterious and mysterious, such as the I Ching, feng shui, Chinese medicine, etc..Gambling is a money chase, it and the traditional combination makes this a mystical and mysterious reached the point to be added, underground place in mainland lottery is one such example.Casually in a Web search engine, enter "lottery Gallery" words, you can get a lot of relevant results, simply open one of them, will be the thing that catches the eye: Fortune Zengdao Ren Wang, Bai Jie top secret, Lei Feng insider report Lisboa Conman, Teletubby ...... nearly a thousand kinds of very strange things! - this information is sufficient to put all the numbers in Hong Kong lottery prediction was repeated a few dozen yards over the mainland but the people were addicted, intoxicated ground research, hoping to find a special code to decipher the mystery lottery.

Casino situation not much better than this, which may be more comparable with baccarat, but instead Heart, stakes law, cables, and related betting guide book like it. You can strictly mathematical proof , bet method, this cable is that cable from an investment perspective is worthless, they do not contain decipher among casino password.

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There are no outs blackjack outs, do not bet bet times times the detail, pull chant than card than card details, roulette on how it is operated details that only scientific thinking in order to grasp the traditional thinking difficult to play. And Baccarat is not the same, it does not detail, at least look no details can not be ignored, it seems to put aside scientific thinking. In addition, the village of Baccarat relatively idle and traditions of yin and yang is also relatively close. So , people like to study Baccarat, like baccarat bet.

This is said to be to get a majority of Chinese gambling sought after by the foreign "full-time gamblers," a book written by gambling from online information point of view, the book to the so-called "fortune gambling" and "gambling cycle" as a subversion of the relevant mathematics conclusion is based, and the proof is that the author himself and his son and several other people's conversations and this is not sufficient reason too it! and the authors of the so-called "fortune gambling" and "gambling cycle" concept there is no clear explanation, they like only unspeakable mysteries. This is in fact what the characteristics of conventional thinking. Such thinking was born in our country, of course Ching gossip readily resonate.

In the book, the author casino mathematics and mathematicians without distinction to ridicule mathematicians realized contempt for mathematics and negation.Although the reason gambling itself, a mathematician may not gamble, the casino may not understand the math, but have to do with all the casinos in the world rely on mathematics to survive it?This reminds me of a frequently asked question: You say that the casino by mathematics money, how to win money in the casino do not see mathematician?In the issue, the concept of mathematical mathematician replaced stolen.Imitation of which logic can put a similar but apparently absurd question: say the aircraft can fly, how not seen it flying in the air aircraft designer?Such problems also reflect the characteristics of traditional thinking.

Traditional thinking to nature as a whole be examined, thoughts leap between different things, one thing analogy to another thing, lottery code report is one such example. However, this is only the initial stage of thinking.

Human understanding, predicting and utilization of natural phenomena of the most important ways is to simplify, to many phenomena attributed to a truth, which is the scientific study of scientific thinking to be simple and beautiful goals. Categorized nature, focusing on various areas of specific issues and special rules, therefore, scientific thinking, analytical and accuracy to be noted is that science made "simplified" is not "simple", it can predict unknown or future phenomenon in the world an array of various gambling games, simplify They also understand the best way to yield theory, stochastic theory is this simplification trading results.

Any gambling game, if there is no rule of constraint, are nothing but an ordinary random phenomenon what number the roulette, blackjack points, baccarat village leisure points lost would not rule anyone interested. To reveal gambling laws behind the phenomenon, research must be necessary to study gambling odds rule out gambling to be extracted from the study. The main rules are written on it? odds!. gambling odds and probability are closely linked, it is understood from gambling not open to the probability of understanding.

Probability and law of large numbers go hand in hand.As a whole probability theory foundation of law of large numbers, also known as the law of averages, is a universal law of random phenomena, meaning any random event, regardless of the order in which they appear, how intervals, a large number of frequency of random events eventually stabilize at near Probability.With this random phenomenon the law of averages under conditions of large numbers, we can use as a predictor of the probability of random phenomena basis.Mathematical expectation is, from the perspective of the average forecast of random phenomena.Odds mathematical expectation of any short-term means gambling win or lose, and no matter how small, will be in the long run and offset, to obtain such an average yield results.

Gamblers lack of scientific thinking is not surprising, strange that in this era of scientific advancements gambling has become a scientific outcast, this solved the problem by science, but rather tradition plays a leading role. Weakness of the traditional mode of thinking determines the People on the gambling issue will continue to beat around the bush, so we see that not only gambling constantly from one input to another input, anti-gambling were also continuously from a "blow" to another "hit."

In mainland China, 3D lottery is a popular form of legalized gambling in the city's government-led, underground Mark Six is ​​prevalent in rural areas of unofficial leading an illegal form of gambling; the former is protected by all parties, all sorts of experts in the newspaper The relevant section describes the various gambling-related, economic and method, which was severely hit, the code can only be the people who participate in gambling underground lottery and 3D lottery bet through and through reading newspaper provided a method of underground code, in fact, is catty Two of the eight are gambling, but to protect a blow to another, fuzzy logic error in general and traditional thinking is evident.

So the reality of the situation is that the lottery newspaper column to see how many people underground lottery code there are that many people read the newspaper; 3D lottery how the fire in the city, the underground lottery in rural areas have more fire, the latter also to the city It tends to spread. This is the rational logic.

Gambling knowledge of the probability theory and practice of combining gaming, gambling and gambling phenomenon proposed objective interpretation and judgment, to give the idea of ​​having a universal nature. The traditional thinking can only make gambling subjective speculation and imagination, express Personal likes and dislikes of gambling.

On gambling, it is still dominant traditional mode of thinking, revealing the mysteries of gambling gambling because they do not meet the traditional knowledge is also only a few people know, but gambling on the traditional mode of thinking sooner or later make way for modern science-based thinking gambling knowledge will be a valuable asset of human spiritual culture. understand and master its meaning is not that much money to go to win, but that will henceforth get complete freedom on gambling.

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