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Talking about winning or losing Betting

Treat winning or losing betting process, how you look, lost is lost? Win is won?

For to become a "casino investor" of the people, we must first pay attention to technology, what is it? The answer is' betting cycle. "

What is "betting cycle" mean? Say it is very simple, that is, after you enter the casino, cyclical changes occurring in the betting process is regulated casino luck transition rate.

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Any person entering the casino will feel, somewhere seems to dominate another, and sometimes, very good luck, charge what what, sometimes it seems obviously should win the lottery, but why just lost a little bit.

Really want to lean money in the casino can not just rely on luck, luck can only bring temporary benefit for you, but can not guarantee that you win money, on the contrary, if you only rely on luck, the final result obtained is often failure.

Some people may ask, in that case, why do we have to study this kind of "betting cycle"? This is one of the most paradoxical place.

We do not rely on luck, have to understand how their luck when gambling policy decisions.

People's luck, under subdivision, a total of only five of the real model, one, good luck, and the second, bad luck, the three long operation, Fourth, short run, Fifth, is wavering, when good times and bad luck.

This kind of luck is also found in your opponent, that is, to open gambling casinos who Furthermore, specific tables of each one, in the course of participating in gambling among you, will also appear such " Betting cycle. "

Deal with different "betting cycle", we corresponding method is very simple, that is, when he walked whither luck, you will take advantage of the line, the implementation of white with red roof.

In this one, the most difficult is the "swing of luck" to "baccarat" for example, when the opening "card" no law when it is the emergence of a betting cycle. To deal with this kind of case, we are only two ways, one is a temporary forbearance hand, the other one will follow the law of swing.

Many experts will provide some statistics from a variety of gaming is the probability calculated in data, if used as a reference, perhaps not what, for example, know that "Baccarat" open "village", open "free "The opportunity to rate and so on. However, here are some figures but definitely not as a combat based. That is because, in the" real "at home, as well as we have mentioned," betting the cycle. "

As an example, if you even opened four "village", the statistically considered on the table and then open the "village" of chance is less than one-fifth, but, in fact, on the table, we often see the situation is After re-opening is open, sometimes even more than ten times the length of the village.

So, open four "village", the how to bet, and how many chips, then up to you to make the decision, and based on your decision, it involves an important factor in this "gaming cycle."

Some people would say, you say, does not mean that gambling instinct and fortune? On the surface appears to be, in fact, not.

Bet intuition or luck, by the mind when you decide to bet the moment. The "gambling cycle", but it is the cumulative experience of you.

The so-called "gambling cycle", in fact, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to research and statistics, you have to keep the accumulated experience of being in a casino, look much more natural appearing on the tables you will find different "betting cycle" mode In things to spot when your minds will be able to accurately pulls out various models have appeared, at the same time, once you make a right decision.

That is, by intuition or luck of a moment of inspiration, "betting cycle" is the decision by the long-term accumulation of data to analyze later.

To be able to grasp the "betting cycle", you rely on the effort. Please bear in mind, to do a real "casino investor", you have to do is not easy work, must often observed in the casino, statistics, internships and research, accumulate experience, can not rely on luck.

If you do not have such determination and stamina, then you can not do not deserve a "casino investor."

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