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Gambling Talk

what is Gambling? A lot of people will think gambling is to win money, but on reflection suspects ah really for the money while playing, it is not tired yet, and if not win it. Some people told me that the purpose of gambling, not purely for the money, because it is an attractive and stimulating entertainment, to meet the spiritual needs, standing position on gambling, the gambler I always wanted to be able to take the victory, that is winning or losing the game is not pecuniary, Participants also always eager to win and beat the opponent.

This desire to win mentality, fully reflects the people's aggressive nature, is understandable, however, often say: every bet will lose, that gamble seems to be elusive to win something, not necessarily the case, if our in-depth study what is not difficult to realize its mysteries, "gambling" itself has two characteristics:

A. A battle of wits or mathematics.

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II. Is the chance or gambling operation.

Bookie control

Across arid deserts, to prepare enough water, before they can go all the way. To enter the casino, but also need enough bookie, to calmly fight, walking in the desert, some thirsty, need to drink water to quench their thirst, but every day drinking, there must be restraint, otherwise not yet reached the end, had their feet, which is why? Another reason to bet on each unit of the present allocation to gamble.

Time control

Casino operators, irrespective of day and night, and the year-round, so arrange admission and playing time must be calm, calm to pair.Every war is usually no more than three hours to the principle, in the middle of each round should rest more than one hour, holding full of energy, morale will be strong, wealth always with the momentum line, besides a clear head in order to calculate the correct probability.As for the planning of funds, it should be based on the total residence time in the casino to make allocation.For example: I plan to stay five days, it should be divided into five parts as gambling can spend a day of gambling money, then in accordance with the number assigned daily innings, and adjust bet per game is based on how much gambling money to operate from a positive perspective good bet control is the key to create greater wealth from the negative perspective, the implementation of distribution system control stakes, to avoid the failure of defensive weapons.

self control

Before entering the casino, were gambling, we must implement for their own mental construction, and its goal is to calm myself when explicitly provided some of his limitations that contain an upper limit gambling, bet the upper limit, the use of time, the winning strategy, transport policy, as well as some self-limited, only in the mind when sober, in order to fully master their own destiny, try to avoid any act hurriedly.

In order to make the bet has been based, other restrictions and rules must be set in advance, regardless of the size of the total amount, has a fixed proportion each different financial gamblers, the set target will naturally be different. gamblers from different places, the total residence time in the casino but will vary. If you are using a fixed pattern, it will seem tedious but there is no art and technology, let alone compete in the casino, you have to wait for the fall imminent, only to discover art crack debut late.

When you walk into a casino, first you should tell yourself that this is your own master of all, to win more. Less win or lose much less to lose, you want to continue to stop, all between you an idea. In order to achieve winning dreams, you will need to recognize their innate characteristics, it can lead you to break obstacles, reached its peak, entering a range beyond the realm of your innate imagination.

Irritable person

Overwrought people

The outcome of the people

Without control of the people

Weak-willed person

Workaholic person

Do not listen to advice people

People get carried away

Blues feel a disadvantage at first glance, almost all in the standings, in other words, without the transformation of the people do not participate in such investments for the ranks, how can ordinary people is a casino opponent? Why of course, this means that the casino always The last winner of the reasons.

People in order to achieve certain goals in life, you must pay the price of self-transformation. There are various ways in the process for change, and change may well be through gambling to one of the best ways, but the price is often behind closed doors too high to absorb the experience of others to transform themselves, saving time and money has become a shortcut to the.

Emotional control

Life and how many opportunities like investment banking?

The first stage is to keep the full $ 400,000 deposit, in order to effectively develop the experience of failure, you have to set aside $ 200,000 fee, to worst to hone their own, although you have been very careful very carefully deal with the casino, but the result is that most of you are still unable to keep on hand for the first time to set aside two hundred thousand, two hundred thousand in order to make the initial play maximum performance, you have to time to exchange space, with a small investment or emulation operation to develop their ability to adapt, there have been speeches experienced people know before debut speech, whether you are in front of the mirror practicing how many times, if true spot is still unable to effectively control his tension, casino Experience, too, if not live ammunition to fight eventually become armchair fantasy.

To nurture a breakthrough first you have to start saving money, according to the economic capacity of individuals with excess time to accumulate spare cash, it seems less than ideal job front, but it seems extremely important in the absence of a better job, you must No complaints engaged in immediate work, because you rely on money to live, at this stage you have to cultivate the habit of inspection section, otherwise you will never be able to view, money is a very wonderful thing, as long as you can to execute according to plan, You would expect the number of bits will be displayed in front of a timely manner, usually in order to achieve some purpose save people, can be successfully met.

First you have to establish a finance and investment concepts risky, if not bear the risk of failure, it should withdraw from the race, fear of failure is too heavy will not be successfully completed groundbreaking work.

Know how to give up the pursuit of unearned wealth, it would have originally belonged to you things.If not feel greed, why would people physically and mentally tortured involved in the gamble! I mentioned earlier why?Novices often winning battle?Because beginners play just for curiosity, fun, does not mind about the outcome of the prior greed has not grow, will not be lost; so to become a winner, first he trained himself to become a robot did not feel, in order to prevent the truth revealed in the table, We must find a paternity fight oversight.People are very easy to compromise with their animals, imagine his wife and mortar Street, how could derail?When you figure out where the know-how, you will lose it so much?

Advantages and Disadvantages

To know how to grasp the advantages of the casino face, avoiding the decline would continue in tandem with the accumulation of advantages, you can get a head start winning, and all the weaknesses, we also have to learn to cognition and processing.

What is the advantage to talk about:

Casinos year-round 24-hour service, gamblers can choose a good time to approach and appearance; however, due to profit casinos really can not stop gambling.

Gamblers can bet selectivity, but also an arbitrary subtraction bet.

High return for concessions casino commission and incidental.

Sometimes Casino gamblers can owed, but they have to pay cash for casino gamblers.

Talk about disadvantages:

Unlimited casino chips, gamblers chips is very limited.

Casinos have three shifts, personal strength can not be sustained.

Casino without emotion, emotions are difficult to control gamblers.

Casino know how to use the organization, gamblers but mostly alone.

Fully grasp the advantages of gamblers to go, but let the casino's advantage can not succeed as long as we patiently, calmly follow the rules of good fortune. Casino wealth will be inexhaustible.

Lose strategy

If you are missing ship, entered the casino on the hit, lost all the basic quota per game gambling money, you should mind the wait time in the past, seeking to restart in another office, if in the process of winning, at any one time New Capital It failed, also should not hesitate to end gambling, smile leave must not be spent has been put into the pocket of the original capital, this policy is lost.

Winning strategy

Usually small stakes should be put, can be between 50-500 yuan, if the card is good Yiyi Road 100 is the basic bet.Whenever the opportunity comes judgment, to a quarter or a third of the total stakes bet, that is the big bet is Sanbai or four Bai yuan, if lucky, a very short time you can win one thousand II Each bureau capital Hundred and Fifty dollars, once owned a total Erqian when five hundred, should the original capital amount of revenue originally pocket.With the win to set up one thousand dollars latest Erbai Fifty capital, continue to use the original bet, in the same manner, the opportunity comes, it should be one-third of new capital to bet.If very lucky, again, win another capital Erbai Fifty one thousand dollars.You should set aside one thousand dollars be put into pocket preliminary profit, leaving one thousand five hundred founded newest capital, like the stepped-up development, if you bon voyage, not only the original capital continued, the latest capital will be the same growth, with the growth of new capital, the maximum bet would have been maintained in new capital to upgrade a third of the proportion.Of course, every gambler meet profit set point varies, therefore, win the stage, you can always call a halt, profit Appearances.This is the winning strategy.

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