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Gambling Heart - endure, and so on, steady, relentless, rolling

Chance of winning today all casino games, has been making precise calculation, the dealer hands you want to win, it is quite difficult, we can do, only to contend with the dealer to extend the time, which need three original elements, as well as with gambling Heart chance, three elements are technology, luck, bet, three things are indispensable, and can be combined with the dealer Heart gambling deal in a limited space.

The following is a summary of my personal five gambling Heart is Forbearance, and so on, steady, relentless, rollingʱ??


It is well within the ability to endure in the casino, to do no good road do not bet, do not bet confidence Nuisance, Nuisance movement will not bet, some friends really can do a shoe brand, or just sit and watch a confident bet two innings, and friends to remember "tolerance."


Is to wait with confidence, experience can help you analyze, calm emotions can help you make a decision, to wait until you feel confident, you can bet, at the most inappropriate Reflections messy bets, you have to wait, wait, wait ʱ??


It is to secure, stabilize, do not bet and local or pair, because the odds out of proportion, it should not bet the reason may retain capital strength, we can strike big note when shipped, Fan present purposes, the reason is a win ten thousand It is much easier to win than a thousand thousand thousand.


Chances are cruel to bet, bet good way to be ruthless, cruel when you want to have the confidence to bet, bet to be more cruel when shipped, along bets to Genghen Genghen cards, do not miss the three-level When, because gambling is not possible to win each game or each game will not lose, but if the average stakes gamble, it may be said to lose, because pumping is drained, so be sure to seize the opportunity, conditional on We must be ruthless.


Is to achieve timely departure casino winnings know, losing money but also know to get out of the casino, next time, there is life, even Nuisance firewood, no matter how much money you bring to the casino, you would have gambled opportunity may never have come back to win a casino thing, so be sure to know at the appropriate time to go, it is best able to control the bet you ten innings to go, you can bet on a game of go, also had to leave at the end of the bet, But winning is easier to go, losing more difficult to go, we do not often hear the casino's friend said: Wupa you fine, Wupa you stay, fear Well you come, like clear to "roll" the truth.

Bet on this set / lower

Target prize money - the best bet is 25% of this (and with the above conditions)

Loss limit - do not exceed 50% of the bet (such as proof of poor lose more than half your luck that day, leaving the casino immediately)

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