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I understand explore the advantages of betting (2)

He said layered flat've mentioned note of it, the principle is actually playing back large numbers, many people use, generally start small base code, I think this method if you do not fight promotions, really just extended the gamble.

Baccarat is because half of the game, a single negative chase often the last large base of amazing, even if there will be endless principal Taiwan red locked, so it was to create a hierarchical level Note this concept. No matter how many times the compensation, using this method, and a lot of people to pursue other methods are the same: a positive number then, the number does not matter, amplitude considered a hair.

I was a roulette enthusiast, as I said before, Baccarat layered flat note just to prevent negative recover the base becomes larger and larger principal cause stress or pressure Taiwan red, then this situation can be avoided playing roulette, roulette Solitary Ding is a small probability event, not geometrically chase up negative, a solitary small, you can play 36 hands are not in the chase after the negative, and so is the baccarat evolved into a hierarchical level Note:

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36 hand too long, it may not compare, you say if we play six solitary small, then the negative cable is how to recover?

It should be like this:





A look at this place where baccarat is layered flat note, while the essence of which is a straight cable negative chase.

So, layered flat note just geometric negative psychological changes chase, chase and straight cable as negative, even less than the continuous cable station can only win a red base code.

My personal understanding.

Yield, at home and abroad have a lot of similar Lotto lottery, winning most of them are double coupons more, not only is winning a single formula, there are many dehydrated using duplex into a single formula from.

Take China for what color ball, 33 red balls, 16 basketball, six red balls +1 basketball is full of award.

To understand can simply, we do not talk about basketball, just to discuss the red ball.

Red ball combination categories:

33 * 32 * 31 * 30 * 29 * 28/1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 = 797 448 960/720 = 1,107,568 kinds of combinations

(If you count the 16 basketball will be multiplied by 16, it is often said that there is the probability of winning double chromosphere is 1700 million)

When you change from 6 red balls buy seven red balls, originally an injection of a single injection into a 7 note, (7/1 times) 7 times

When you change from seven red balls bought eight red balls, the original Note 7 Note 28 into a single injection, (8/2 times) 4 times

When you change from eight red balls bought nine red balls, the original 28 note bets into a 84 note, (9/3 times) 3 times

When you change from 19 red balls to buy 20 red balls, the original 27132 of 38760 single injection into a note. (20/14 times) 1.42 times

Because the total number of only 33, so there is also reflected in the increase does not come out with a red ball in the early stages and the yield difference is not period.

If there are 330 red balls, then buy 199 red balls and 200 red balls difference only at 200/194 = 1.03 times.

If the total number is infinite, then the "Add a red ball," the number of Notes will be infinitely close Picks unchanged.

Taiwan red color ball is the number? Normal understanding is 5000000, and sometimes wins are more than 5 million, this situation is like baccarat table red 800 000, it was also the case opposite bets, the outcome of a game is It may be more than 800,000.

With this example back to say a variety of strategies forum, said the characteristics of these strategies above "Adding a red ball" is the same reason,

Only your base in large enough, "adds a red ball" it is very light weight, you have 1 million yards, it does not because the next game is to play 99 yards or 100 yards and correct heart This is the forum myriad "rope" the pursuit of the realm, and some tamper with the concept of taste, the use of the same is "to increase a red ball" conditions to compare the proportion of investment capital to arrive: "In the 19 red balls When a red ball of earnings increase was the first increase in six red balls a red ball five times (7 / 1.4 = 5) "asymmetric fallacy.

I'm not saying gambler has an advantage or no advantage, no such voice.

I am a blind bet, posting the intention is to study the advantages of those gurus to change the direction of research, I feel that this year's effort is needed to master in the above we are taking in order to win big Bo small grain of sugar among plants lose the road, with a 99% probability to win one percent of the chips, in fact, and the probability is one thing 50:50.

My ideal advantage is a 50% chance of losing all the chips, but there is a 50% chance to win 101% of the chips, this is the real advantage. If you are from the bag to avoid or continue to clear perspective cable research, I find it difficult to get out of the water to zero and results.


Theory and mathematical analysis is correct, but the reality of the casino long see-saw, the heart and physical fatigue overdraft,

Even if you do not wait.

I May and June in Macau casinos victory drifting about forty times, but not once reach win 101% of the chips

Profit after deducting all expenses, about 101% of the cost once the chips.

1. approach on a beating, and so endure stop walking, hand-for-field, painstakingly chase and win a hundred Thanksgiving home immediately.

2. One approach even win, win Yu Yu Jing, YU Xiao Yu buy carefully protect this critical path fear fear fear Substitution Xianyinghoushu.

3. The most terrible, long see-saw not lose not win, the heart and physical fatigue overdraft, but the math tickets diet expenses, hearts start impulse devil .....


Besides, I said, making the return are illustrative, not the purpose of this post I discuss what a good strategy, but said've had a lot of ideas in policy research detours, all with a 90% chance Bo 10% of the profits, and 50:50 without any distinction.

We should change direction, the Foolish Old Man only as inspirational stories to listen to.

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