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Analysis of the Causes of gaming lose and win

Causes discuss winners and losers and hopefully get some inspiration for a number of gambling for years has baffled friends (including myself), entered earlier ideals.

The title will lose on the front, because risk aversion is the most critical part of how speculative output was the most comfortable, and will not turn over what the causes could not lose the following reasons!??:

1: The execution is not enough, to know and not do!

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2: a bad mood

3: time constraints

4: previously lost too much, eager to recover

5: Environmental suited

6: Brand stream suited investment law

7: The battle for too long

8: lack of experience but eager to make a fortune

Please friends brainstorming, summed up his experience over the main constituent elements lose, all with the opposite after losing to deal with a list of these factors, to achieve stable and sustainable profitable!

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