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Lottery from the lottery to change the mentality of the first chapter

Talk about the lottery, I think of the country caused a sensation Handan Agricultural Bank vault king in cash (51 million) theft case, which turned out to be the cause in order to buy lottery tickets, shocking. It is a true reflection of the social part of the Lottery mental immaturity Their eyes see only "5 million" and "big", while ignoring the lottery "opportunity" and "small." They obsession with gambling has been to the extent of the deranged, it can be said to be a disease.

About gaming cases last year caused a sensation in the technical school Lottery "color Corinthians x" absconded with money are another typical event, although not to the "public" cause "injury", but also to the superstition "lottery investment" Lottery brought tens of millions of losses, which is the result they will buy lottery tickets mistaken for investment.So a correct understanding of betting, is the best way to prevent "unwise" behavior.But unfortunately nowadays a lot of friends on the lottery or gambling Lottery knowledge is quite superficial, one-sided, some are fuzzy, even wrong.So, here's my personal gaming experience over the past decade and "research" to write out gambling sentiment, hoping to keen to buy "lottery" and research "Cai Jing" help a friend.I also hope people addicted to "gambling" somewhat disillusioned.

Gambling, human society has existed records since writing behavior, gambling regardless of all their controversy among the people, dignitaries, "Wild World", and the negative comments about the lot. Considered to be a bad habit, even classified as a Class abuse . so contemporary and modern society in many countries where gambling is prohibited and is subject to gambling as a crime from the legal level.

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These are all because the gambling side effects: the psychological gap in gambling winning or losing money due to rapid silver caused some people to make irrational, or even lose the life of humanity was hard-earned wealth desperate, desperate after losing money, to the crime. abyss. ruin caused due to gambling, Fuqifanmu, brother Cheng Chou, since ancient times, is really endless. Therefore, in traditional societies, gambling at the moral level and legal aspects are to be "prohibited".

But today, gambling or repeated, gambling also become more significant trend.In a country or region, "there is no legal gambling, there is illegal", why?I consider this issue for a very long time.Now understand: gambling is part of human nature, is nature, so Jinerbuzhi: Gambling is based on the need "people" pursue "good" (basis for the survival and development), its fast and direct people "something for nothing" and therefore Many people never tired.Celestial continent after "liberation" to "reform and opening" period *** ruled, "JN" disappeared, "opium" bundle of pharmacy is, with the exception of gambling or not absolutely ban.Therefore, the "ban" is a good bet "misunderstanding".

Now, with the development of human civilization and social progress, and gradually evolved into a gambling casino. Society also downplayed distaste for gambling. Gambling gradually in some countries and regions, "legalization", as society to deepen the understanding of gambling, betting "legalization" will be a trend. This is a "gamble" of a "mediator." The lottery is the beginning of legalized gambling, it makes people's gambling get some catharsis.

Lottery initial contact about a decade ago, after a day of work, passing Fucai betting, found that people who buy lottery tickets there than usual, came closer, the original cumulative jackpot lottery can now open a multi-note "5,000,000." I had never bought a lottery ticket the day I can join in the fun to buy a 10 yuan, because do not understand, so the use of machine selection number. on the way home that day still thinking in a "five million" after a problem how to spend, but to the lottery that day , the award is not in small prize also seen shadow.

Although not winning, but expectations of "5000000" activate the lottery enthusiasm, review the reasons for not winning for the first time, may be related with machine selection. Most people buy lottery tickets is their own choice of numbers of their own choice of numbers can play to their initiative and ingenuity, careful study as long as the purchase of lottery tickets at the chance of winning is greatly increased. Thus, before each phase bets before betting stay for some time, carefully selected for wounded, repeated scrutiny, until their own satisfaction. So a month down, spent more than two hundred yuan to buy lottery tickets, but even "5000000" did not see the shadow, only 10 dollars in a small prize, loss!

Month study is not my level is not high enough? After that I will spare thoughts are spent on lottery research. After careful analysis of a number of lottery does have a certain regularity. In order to further improve their research Lottery level, but also raise the level of research in order to shorten the time; I deliberately went to the bookstore to buy back about lotteries technical books, a preliminary understanding to lottery and gambling is a chance of the game, is the "probability theory" applied in reality. Recognizing "5000000" Although attractive, but the chances of winning are very slim, therefore, he had to share in the award of "desire" to put aside .-

During that time I was just around familiar people are "playing" underground Kong "lottery", they say Fucai winning too difficult, while Pick, group number too much trouble; if you buy underground "lottery", plain and simple, the difficulty not high, there is a number 40 times the return I think also makes sense: Welfare relatively complex difficulty I have studied for some time, the "level of research" used in the "relatively simple" and "lottery", it must is its capability to acquire it in the future winners!

"Lottery" and "Nanyuefengcai" different, "Nanyuefengcai" is "small" Bo "big", once in the "5000000" present and can be said to live comfortably, but the chances of winning are minimal. This is It features, advantages, and gambling is repressed underground "lottery" is easier to win, winning is paid 40 times, gambling "lottery" of people pay attention to is winning: I hope that within a certain period of time is profitable, so it count to win. I just took winning, money is added to the psychological "play", "lottery" in the army to go in the hope that such stocks, one year it can earn one hundred thousand, eighty.

Gambling "lottery" of concrete through I will not say, one year, the results of one word: do not lose, should be called loss!.The loss of a few thousand dollars, I want to work for a long period of time, it is sad, and can not be reconciled.The next year, can be found in order to beat the dealer by adjusting policy approach: It is a lot of people use the chase number (double Progressive Betting Method): Choose a number of states (such as single or double, large or small) is provided first second input for a second operation after the input 2, a third input for 4, 8 inputs for the fourth time, and so on.As long as the final out of your bets state, then front to win back the lost money.This method is also called "gambling unbeaten Law".

"This method is nice," I'll lose half time to win back the first half of one kind of a number state that there is no more than five in a row, but entering the fourth quarter, the wounded appears on some "anomalous".There have been eight consecutive "double", but this time I was chasing the "single" and the seventh I have lost more than ten thousand yuan, had no money to chase down the eighth.In fact, the money has to die, the dealer has gone from sixth, seven began sealing orders, we do not accept bets up.After this incident, battered.But not wake up, because I went through in recent years, winning numbers, find single, double; large, small continuous state is up to eight.If using the method wait: wait until the emergence of a continuous state began to chase after the number four.You can avoid the above happening.However, the dealer from the sixth or seventh began entertained does not accept bets, and there is no way to bypass the dealer's entertained.After a period of reflection, and finally we came up with a way: both are chasing a single or double, large or small bets when the general people chase number, and "lottery" of special codes are divided into 12 zodiac; if the 12 zodiac is divided into two parts, recently opened six zodiac as a group, referred to as hot code; the rest is cold code, through observation, the number of its laws and size, single and double the number of law is basically the same.So I can be like chasing size, single and double that number of hot and cold chase Zodiac.As there are no such chase number, the dealer is not easy to find, you can bypass the dealer entertained and assured number of chase.And the operation will be betting lines into different bookmakers, so as not to attract attention.

This approach did not take long to come out, they found six zodiac six consecutive numbers are not out of the.No estimate will open three cold code zodiac, so it chased No..1st bet 500 yuan, not in; 2nd invested 1,000 yuan, no; the third bet 2000 yuan; cold zodiac numbers still do not appear, at this time, my heart a little scared of.But I still believe that the accuracy of the information accessible while ago, after "Nine of the" how to break the "history" of it! "History", the next issue will be out.So, then bet 4000 yuan.Unfortunately, this time lost, this, my heart has begun to fear: how else?Why God always against me.But he lost in front of almost ten thousand yuan, and do not chase down, in front of lose money completely gone.Only bite the bullet chase down.As a result, I get a "world record": even on "18" hot Zodiac.Article 19 was reversed (Later, I looked up further information: Las Vegas casinos have occurred 18 times in a row to open the "big" case).In fact, then down a few of my numbers are used to recover a flat note, catch Fifteenth been exhaustion, had to give up.And lost a few million.

Applications "gambling unbeaten Law" has lost a mess.Why?Here I was guilty of a "truth will experience when" error, the "probability" theory called "small sample error".In the limited data acquisition hastily summed up "law", that is the general applicability of the "truth".To generalize, to see the great small, resulting in the probability of the event misjudgments.In fact, gambling games are the classical probability test, data collection and statistical betting it is meaningless and unnecessary.Because the probability of which is obtained by accurately calculated, which corresponds to statistical analysis of the infinite number of samples that can calculate the probability that all possibilities are taken into account.In betting, a dozen in a row appeared with a state of the small probability event called "probability theory", the chance that it happens rarely, but it does not mean that does not happen, it is a normal phenomenon of the presence or absence.Also on money management I also made a mistake, chase number requirement is your money is infinite, I neither Li Ka-shing, the richest man nor heavenly, unlimited funds which may yet?Even the richest man in the capital can not be infinite, therefore, with limited funds, "Bo" unlimited possibilities, this road is not feasible.After a lot of people use this method to recover Number conclusion is: usually win some small money, the last one to lose all the money.So now many people are chasing No. cautious.

In need of special note is this: the world of gaming technology and methods of testing, but also superstition to "practice".I speak often I hear is: This method okay, look at ten period, eight of the know; - practice is the "truth" of the standard.-! His words carry betting mistake "practice" can not be carried out all the betting is to use gaming "law" only theoretical knowledge, can only prove it theoretically.Someone in the lottery prize hundred villages spread throughout the townships, the casino was to win a lot of money has also been hype, somebody with his birthday numbers of "5000000" is spread throughout the country, many people were actually earnestly Lock Road These are not replicated, "small probability event" performance.Every day the big winner

In addition to the lottery, "play" lottery, there are a lot of "gambling", "Story", and I do not want to say more. But since that chasing numbers, I stopped gambling, and it has been more than three years In the meantime one has spare time, I think about are "gambling" problem. That can hope holding a "5000000" come back.

To buy back some time ago about the betting books looked again and found that most of the books are made Hubian abuse, and some are even Ghost Talk, all royalties to lie: Although there is no "Miss Bai", "Zeng Daoren"; But "Five predict", "Book of Changes color through" and so came out, things are mystery.This is clearly misleading Lottery; the other is a pseudo-science: they are keen to introduce "experience", summed up "law"; and when you find out by the method described in the law of wounded they appear, and Click "law" when betting, "law" often fail, and this from the perspective of probability is guilty of "small sample error".So, if they are presented by the method to "research" Gaming will go astray, it means shopping guide with color but will not have good results.

In fact, he summed up, tips to buy lottery tickets is actually very simple, it can be divided into two steps: First, random selection; Second, the group number.

In the lottery, the random selection is the key; the group number is the skill.Currently, lottery books on tips and method which is the highest correctness.Group number lottery tips and strategies development so far, it has been very mature and improve (such as uniform fabric shrinkage matrix, etc.).In this I will not repeat it (are interested can find the books to see).As for the "random selection" (ie prediction of the wounded appeared under), it is by far the world's people are unable to solve the problem, I believe it is impossible to resolve: since the emergence of wounded is a random phenomenon, they appear The opportunity is equal, every lottery is an independent event, and the last lottery numbers lottery results will not affect this time.These random phenomena research knowledge has become a discipline, it is the "probability theory".All gambling games are built on this science: whether the elusive wounded, or the ups and downs of winning or losing variation casinos are the probability at work.To really study gambling, the only right way only familiar with "probability theory", of course, but also with elementary mathematics knowledge permutations, combinations, etc..In addition no other way.

I'm betting the "research" is divided into three stages, the first stage of the above.The next time I have been thinking more than a year, hoping to "overthrow" the classical theory, have "breakthrough", but still no progress.In the meantime I found a very interesting question: a few friends to get involved in gambling one day suddenly asked me: What is gambling, what is gambling, I casually should be the one: Gambling is gambling, he was wrong: "It also with you, I'm asking is the specific meaning of gambling ".I thought for a while, eventually dumb words, home access to a word, the dictionary, and the books, they are betting, gambling interpretation I am not satisfied.I'm a night in contemplation of this question: What is the betting, gambling Why?"Research" betting its definition a few years actually scanty, blurred.I think that's really incredible.

What is gambling a lot of Lottery friends can immediately? Answer: That is very simple, gambling is gambling, refers to money (or thought anything of value) as a bargaining chip to win or lose the opportunity to determine the behavior of game chips attribution, then, what ? Some people say it is betting, gambling and lottery betting refers collectively; and others said, betting refers to the "game of chance" and "present tense" appellation; and gambling is "past tense" appellation and some say:. "color" who, luck, a prize is the "good luck"; gambling is gambling luck.

Refers to the opportunity of betting is winning or losing the game, we decided to bet chips (money or valuable things considered) home game, it includes traditional and modern lottery gambling; it has a significant feature, before the game starts, win or lose in which party can not be known in advance.

I think the "gambling" in the title relatively straightforward, original; "gaming" the title more refined, modern.

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