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Cologne Research: Gambling unbeaten secret

The following is a summary of the gambling expert Collection:

In the well-known martial arts writer, the less involved than for gambling in general. Even if the gambling scene, only glossed over. After all, gambling is a very good habit.

Gulong whether gambling is not known, but he should not be ill to bet, otherwise he will not let his characters so often gamble, bet also was so interesting. Interesting thing is that everyone likes, therefore, Here I would like to say a few more interesting novels Cologne gamblers. Cologne works, first appeared gambler should be "Nobody's Perfect" in Xuanyuansanguang up. What Sanko? sky, people light, light money. He will not get naked eggs, could not sleep.

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And Xuanyuansanguang side by side is the "white tiger" in Regulus a light, what a light? Is one gambled when he struggled even gold are put on the chamber pot and Hsiao East Wing of gambling, he did not Gamblers think he will encounter a pen Zhao Wuji Gulong results like his name, one gambled.

Speaking of gamblers, "Wulinwaishi" in SHEN should not gamblers, but he and 快活王 of a bet is one of the most exciting scenes Cologne pen, SHEN hands of only two cards, Kuaihuo Wang for his limp pressure injection nine hundred and two thousand ten silver, Chen Lang was willing to bet the cost of a finger, and ultimately won.

Cologne bet can even be said for quite study, by his description of the book, we can gamble for a deeper understanding, and even can be said that philosophy gambling:

1,Craps Tips: Zhao Wuji dice, every hand free to throw their desired point, why he would think in my mind because six-sided dice, the total is different, the fact that many people know this, but thus found to control the dice?. The trick who, only Zhao Wuji been because Zhao Wuji do this exercise I do not know how many days and nights, so the trick is to rely on the wisdom derived plus training hard.

2,Determine the size of the: SHEN and 快活王 a war, both sides of the real deal Pai Gow bet nobody cheat, than the real effort so pay attention to it and what Stud Pai Gow, like how real, how falsehoods is very particular here.?. than, your judgment. remember looking in the God of Gamblers Chow Yun Fat, in order to win, a fake deliberate design flaw, the other did not see through, the results fiasco. is people have flaws, critical look at how you cover up their flaws and see each other's flaws. This is the intellectual competition. Kuaihuo Wang flaws were SHEN see through, so he lost.

3,Luck: As long as people who had bet, unless you are the God of Gamblers, or you must know the importance of luck is often said that the first win is the paper money that is to say after the win, the casino ever-changing, there is luck, man. should have won the bet to win. gambling operation in good people, "jasper knife" Duan is undoubtedly one muddle to win hundreds of thousands, luck is the surface element. In fact, the reason why so lucky Duan, because he did not know was how much he bet, so he do not care, so he can have a sense of balance. There are just normal people, gambling luck it will often be better than a lot of people.

4,Undefeated secret: What one can ever undefeated Winner Gamblers are not "happy hero" in the king of action in one night after the cleaners found:???.. True undefeated people who are never bet you do not gamble Therefore undefeated for this reason, although it is clear, but there are still many people do not know.

Therefore, we say, flutter cheer, play a few hands is no relationship between a few friends. It would be greatly if indulged good. Gu actually understand this truth, so he would say, by moving the king's mouth It remarks come.

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