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Lottery from the lottery to change the mentality of Chapter II

Whether gaming, or call gambling concept is so simple, I believe a lot of Lottery friends agree this definition, however, the world of gaming is mainly focused on understanding the meaning of the definition of the first half, while ignoring the latter half;. To make of "gambling "The awareness is still scanty, thus into the" gambling "errors, in order to have a better definition of gambling accurate understanding, special illustration:

One evening sky is still dark down, A and B Jun Jun and later to dinner on a pedestrian and vehicle road less than a walk, for unknown reasons, suddenly bet Xing hair: they are far from seeing a car drove up Before the two sides did not see the license plate number decided to take a risk, A monarch gambling license plate number is singular, B Jun bet is double the number of the license plate number. What is in this first bet is not control them, until the car drove near see license plates, only one result: A king is not to win, to win this is Mr. B is gambling (betting), the true meaning of gambling: gambling before they do not know (and can not know) which side victory.

If the loser (in this assumption is A-jun) feel smarter than the other, how strong can not win more than he does admit defeat each other, with each other and then decided to take a gamble, gambling games will continue;.! If A monarch win the turn of Mr. B unyielding; upper gambling but also to continue so repeatedly, so that the gambling gambling will continue indefinitely, the number of gambling will not be settled until both sides exhausted.

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So, the two subsequent conduct considered gambling?In fact, both of them are doing the world "the most boring, most stupid" thing.Because the two of them later "gambling" The result is "known": the "gambling" in the end, the number of A and B Jun Jun 50/50 about winning or losing.They are doing some "useless work"; "trouble hurt the body" and the "zero income".So the two of them later behavior in the strict sense, not gambling, but the two men say they have been conducting gambling, why not?In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the world gambling (betting) is generated by a smattering.Thus, according to "gaming" the definition and understanding of the world of gambling, "gambling" can be divided into three levels: the narrow gambling, generalized gambling and gambling Pan Yi.Gambling A and B Jun Jun's first time gambling if named as narrow, then the two of them later behavior is generalized gamble; As for the "pan-righteousness gambling" refers to the similar nature of gambling behavior: "This time the goods ordered Came back, the market rise or fall is not known, to make money on the blog a blog it! "," play the stock market is like gambling, "which is the" pan-righteousness gambling "portrayal.Or they can gamble above classification this title: really gambling, gambling, gambling pan.

Here, the need to explain, betting if no intermediate (decision) process, regardless of the results of intellectual coma gambling, knowledge, ability, status of both parties, but only with the design rules of the game about the betting. The above A and B Jun Jun Casino games will fall into that category.

Second, gambling Why

"You have to ask, of course, to win money gambling, money," many people say so. So, gambling (betting) win (earn) money? The answer is no. This long serious look on face "What is gambling," the interpretation on a smattering of one or two.

All with money silver related for-profit behavior, it is an economic activity.We can use it as a kind of "business" (extreme example is someone to "go white powder", murder and arson as a business to do, that is a violation of ethics and law, at great risk, they might even "capital" A One head is Kuidiao.Risks and benefits disproportionate).The purpose of doing business is to make money, that hope has been earnings, reflecting the extent of business to make money is to yield.The higher the yield, the more profitable this business (negative rate of return means that when this business is loss-making).The betting (gambling) is one of the most direct and rapid economic activity, so that we can be gambling (gambling) as a kind of business.Business is to make money, the amount of gambling money depends on the yield of.Every day the big winner

Yields do business I think many people will calculate the real economy :() yield = // put the total profits, it is generally divided into single-yield and annual yield.The rate of return calculated gamble was not so intuitive, it was said, to a one-time casino betting $ 10,000 to win is a million profit, the yield is 100%, of course, and even 1000%, etc. situation; You use the money to buy two yuan Fucai just in 500 million, the yield is how much good you do the math.If every time you bet can win, then congratulations to you, what business do not have to do, let alone go to work; every day betting betting, "heavenly richest man," the hat to your head is too small, you will become the world's richest man.The problem is that this might do?Unless you are immortal! Gambling losses when bets are not (and only loss) by betting the principal, then the yield is -100% (unlikely -1000% of cases), therefore, the overall gambling revenue Their rate is a weighted arithmetic average.That yields multiply each respective probabilities and chance, this is called the yield expected rate of return of gaming.It can be calculated by theoretical methods, with the increase in the number of bets, real yields will become increasingly close to the desired rate of return.Gambling is opposing "sides", their yields opposite to each other, the two together is zero.

Yields vary betting games and gambling vary, the size of the yield is determined by the rules of gaming.The gaming yield calculation is not complicated, and some one can see.As previously examples given in the A and B Jun Jun, their yields are zero; underground lottery for Player is (due to the different points of the dealer paid slightly different) rate of return of approximately 10%; the current issue of Welfare and Lottery prize due to return 60%, so the punters who yield is 20%; then, Macao's major casino gamblers after another, this way, the yield of a certain high?Unfortunately Macau casino gamblers in yields or negative, (which varies but slightly different gambling games), an average of about 5%;! As already mentioned yield positive, "business" only money earn, while gaming world for its yield of gamblers are not positive, the best rate of return is zero.So, betting for gamblers is not earn (earn) money; in yield losses in gaming, with the increase in the number of gambling, lost more and more money.Of course, they are not simple linear relationship, but around this downward trend line, fluctuating, and sometimes even "supernatural", in a certain period, "achieve", "profit", but only a very short time, with the a gambling game continues, soon to get stuck in a larger loss.This downward trend in yields is the slope of the line.For yield 0% of gaming, because the game's randomness, silver money in my pocket today, tomorrow will be placed in your pocket, the day after tomorrow will walk into his pocket.And turn eventually get an "orange".It did not seem to lose anything, in fact, "you" have lost (wasted) time, a waste of their human cost.If you use this time to do some things (such as work or do a small business), you can actually earn money.Therefore, the zero rate of return actually gambling or "loss" of.

Betting gamblers "are" "losing money", then, who are the winners look at yields will know that this is the need to attract attention: Although the (casino) is making some kind of gambling games on its low income to about 1%, (in the eyes of most gamblers insignificant), but because of a gambling game very short time, day time to accumulate a lot of times, so that the benefits are substantial, as on business' puerile. "casino owners rely on these" insignificant "benefits earned" disk full bowl full ". So do not underestimate this" insignificant links "of 1%.

In yield negative betting game, win temporary; lose forever.There is a saying: "You are not afraid to win, afraid you do not play.".Casino is well versed in the truth and issued pronouncements.Because you win is temporary, if you go gambling, and ultimately make to win back lost money.If you do not gamble, the casino would not have a chance to win your money.General gamblers win a lot of money if the casino (one hundred and hundreds of thousands, even tens of millions), the casino is a welcome and happy, the casino will take the opportunity to publicize Soy big Zhang Qi, maybe there car and escort send you home it really momentary fame; but if you are a professional gambler, gambling game yields reversed, even if you win a casino twenty thousand, you also are listed as "persona non grata" casinos do everything possible to deny you admission to play.So, this is something very late last century, some highly educated, highly intelligent "professional gamblers" (most of them are professors, lecturers world-renowned universities and top students in mathematics have a high attainments, familiar with computer programming), found the casino blackjack gaming flawed: You can count cards and make policy changes in the yield advantage of the free home, they are programmed by computer simulation, we invented a variety of card counting method.And as he moved to casinos around the world, rewarding (domestic magazine reported these newspapers).Suddenly, the casino boss much tension around the world, trying to let these people approach.Even after admission and found that to achieve "professional gamblers" level of people, the casino will be a variety of pretexts, "Please" Appearances.Later, the casino in order to plug these loopholes, taken a number of measures: replace a pair of cards by pay cards (6-8 pay), using snail shuffling machines shuffle shuffling instead of doing so, increase the amount of cut cards, gambling play every conduct after the first re-shuffle, etc..So now use card counting method to win at blackjack casino gambling games have been very difficult.(Now prove Blackjack is the only casino game has flaws and loopholes).

I write to you, I thought of last year, "Choi Corinthians X" of absconding event is fraud? Illegal fund-raising? Or cooperation betting ticket? Attracted wide speculation, because "color Corinthians X" in the alliance together to buy operating less transparent , a little taste. It is said was also involved in real estate, hotels and other industries. the situation is more complicated, and now police have not characterized.

Here, I do not understand is why so many people, "deceived".Even if they do not have a little gambling theory, it should be from the investment point of view of doing business "together to buy Alliance" rationality.It is said that after the group put money together to buy, in addition to the proceeds obtained commitments outside of the flow of funds, the specific bet, jackpot, basic knowledge of, "Gambling Alliance" a bit like a black-box operation.Formal together to buy should be: clear investment proportion, determine number of bets and publicity people together to buy, determine betting strategy, with the protocol specification of both responsibilities and interests, so that the whole together to buy transparent, after winning the prize distribution according to the investment proportion ; otherwise the risk according to the investment proportion.Thus, even the huge loss occurs is well-founded, consensual thing, nobody is to blame.Therefore, the cause of this incident, the occupation together to buy lottery or less have a bit of responsibility (to give up their rights, too easy to believe someone else).

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