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Baccarat, craps, roulette winning easy way (a)

For almost a 50/50 game, such as baccarat, size, West craps, roulette double games, I have a good way to win more than lose less, and simple.

First of all to thank the American famous gambling house Hele Wei, his book "Casino winners the chance", although many people have seen, that He Lewei not explain everything, in fact he has to say, but very vague, I also after repeated reading, I finally understand.

Try to put it simply.

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First, the casino is to rely on winning the case?

In addition to using the psychological weaknesses, the most important, make the casino winning, is not "trend" that is foreign people always say choppy hand.

What is no trend? Is Win win or lose lose, win or lose win lose or win win situation lose, win or lose, etc. In other words, is the emergence of a secondary side to turn on the other side, this is not a trend.

Casinos can often winnings (except poor odds advantages), it is here. Why? Because there is no accounting for most of the time trend, the casino knows that as long as a table continued so choppy, the casino will be able to come rolling financial resources.

So, what fear is the casino? The answer is self-evident, and that is the trend. Trends rarely appear, but there will always be, once there, make good use of the players necessarily winning, loser must be the casino, this is the casino the fear.

It Lewei attack casinos, is the use of trend, and patience trend soon.

But first, how do?

Because there is no trend in the majority of the time, then, it is necessary to maintain the strength (or stake), waiting for an opportunity soon. How?

Very simple, then, He Lewei play is 12.

What is 12? That is a unit bet, win on the raise, bet two units, whether it wins or loses second-hand, third hand is back to one unit.

That is 1 win, 2 bet, win or lose, the next note is 1. If the first bet 1:00, lose, do not raise.

Remember, in order to raise only when winning, not losing money when filling.

Of course, in a win, a raise to 2:00, as then lost, can continue to bet 2, remember losing money can keep the original note (here 2), but can not raise ten thousand.

Similarly, there can be a win, continue betting 1, then win another can raise, but remember not necessarily, not necessarily gambling.

Again, it can be

121, or 112 (won twice 1, the third hand raised), or 122 (eg, lose, third hand can go back 2 Note)

Very simple, in short, it is the flexible use 12 Note, in the absence of the trend when betting.

Another problem is where to bet?

. 50/50 game, in addition to 21 o'clock, almost every village Busy 何乐威 has to say, but very vague, in the absence of trend, you can do these two points:

1, simply stop the hand does not play. Here, it can be said, when losing streak a few hands, you can stop for a while, put relaxation, and self-help.

2, followed by rocking it here is very important, many people do not see this point. Again, follow it swing.

What does that mean? That is to say, in the absence of trend, they can relax, do not think too much, that was previously said 12 small bets, bet which side will do.

Again, it is important, with 12 small bets, any bet, the next village or busy all OK.

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