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Betting using psychology to enhance their gambling operation

Discussed here is the use of "all wishes come true" method. Thoughts are magnetic, and with a certain frequency. When you think that thought is sent to the universe, and attract similar things all the same frequency. All issued ideas, will return to the source - you.

First, control their own ideas

Ideas present in everyone's brain, a good idea can make you free to read the manipulation gradually fate never good to get out, and negative thoughts will only make you more unfortunate fate. When you bad luck at cards when you have to remain optimistic, mind must find my card will come good cards, and what I want to come to anything, this idea is a positive idea, it can be a person's mood became very cheerful , motivated, on the contrary, you can always blame their own bad luck at cards, which have a negative implication, he makes you depressed, listless.

These two ideas can lead to your brand different from the bad luck changed for the better, you can also make your cards shipped friendship deteriorated.

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It was made to statistics, people with relatively good fortune, most of them cheerful, confidence in the future, this is the day to help you, you have only to do this in order to open the door to your destiny.

People live to the world no matter what should be done with pleasure as a fundamental, Milutinovic football is the Chinese people's happiness really happy one, play cards too happy card, you have to maintain an optimistic philosophy of life, always the bright side , even if you have to thank God for the failure to offer you a chance to understand the world and give you a chance to continue to work hard, in the usual fate you must be a lot of good people in contact, because the fate of good people will it good luck Sasser give you, if you always have some around the fate of poor people, as they will infect their unfortunate fate to you, playing cards, when there are ten ideas will lead to misfortune, they are:

1, self-consciousness is too strong - too strong self-consciousness, they sent a team, which would make the team's fortune turn for the worse, and only put aside their own thoughts, one would like the team to victory who is their own team Horoscope strengthen fundamental.

2, low self-esteem - the inferiority of a person to do anything not succeed, more people say that they can not, the more you will not only grow their own momentum, high morale, in order to defeat the enemy.

3, depression - depression must change personality, depression has been down on your luck will only get worse.

4, jealousy - this is the worst idea, to see someone good, someone else win, but unhappy, so good thoughts will go away.

5, resentment - to see others play cards very smooth, they feel unhappy, there is resentment generated resentment when you badly when evil will be around in your side, evil heavy, good luck will have it?

6, eager heart too - anyway cards do not have too many greedy, greedy make your luck is bound interests.

7, negative - negative things might as well not do it, passively doing things better and bad will.

8, arrogant mentality - the saying goes "Jiaobingbibai."

9, lazy - a lazy person good luck BS you.

10, just past the bad memories - although front flowers in full bloom, but you always think the winter is cold, you will not see in front of a beautiful, self-torment, you will reject good luck came.

Second, so that you can fortunate ideas:

1 and gratitude - thankfulness can make a person's luck lifting height.

2, in order to do good turn deserves sincere - whether you do any welfare or help others must hold a sincere heart.

3, Jide whoever is eligible for reward.

4, Happy engaging in various activities, with a sincere heart to treat people and things around.

5, to believe they can achieve their dreams, as long as the start can be successful.

6, whatever I can do it.

7, eternal youth, enthusiasm and humor heart.

Can these can make you change your destiny, it is to add some good luck on the map the fate of your life, want to get real good luck, from ourselves now.

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