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Baccarat, craps, roulette winning easy way (II)

Very simple, in the absence of the trend, it is not the law of the time, since there is no law, so why bother, thinking about which side you want to bet?

When there is no trend, where bets are OK, remember to use 12 small note on it.

You might ask, why use 12? Why then do not level Note (ie Bet 1 only)?

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Very simple, because this time, it is to make money when the casino, and the game odds difference, this time to play the greatest effect, with only flat note, then the odds difference will gradually wear off your bookie, etc. good time comes, you may negative returns (loss) is large, even if can grasp the opportunity, can only play for a draw it.

With 12, it is 何乐威 secret, only to win the money raised, then there is no trend, where bets are the same, follow it swing, it is no trend, the best way to save power. Of course, , Hele Wei also said, the other way is not to play.

Flexibility in the use of these two points. Occasionally follow it swing download, occasionally pause not to play. Because, when there is no trend, it is the best time to play any arbitrary bet.

Many people may not agree with what I have to say, this is indeed the right Zuo I repeated the test, the final stop thinking XD, and understand.

Next, a good time to talk about the emergence of a trend. In this case, it is the strongest player, when the weakest of the casino.

How to identify what is the trend?

Very simple, no matter which side, even out three times, is the tendency of which is Hele Wei and his friend Lyle Stuart (deceased, Hele Wei's book that he published the famous players, is said to have ordinary people during his lifetime and occasionally no accurately predict the next note what capacity) said.

Trend, how do?

Very simple, follow it on the line. In other words, when the trend appears to follow it, even if possible, a hand cut off, but remember, do not resist the trend, if not with, you can not play (or temporarily not play ), absolutely can not resist.

In other words, the trend comes, followed by a bet, or choose not to play. Remember, only do these two points, followed by, or do not play.

You might say, in case almost appears several times "with 3", the next hand cut off, what can we do?

Or has been a "with 3" or "even 4 even 5" Bu Zengjian even out over 6 times, what can we do?

Very simple, remember, the most important and flexible, casino gambling what can happen, only yourself to become flexible in order to help themselves, to adapt to gamble.

This situation occurs, then only temporarily do not play, I remember saying before, or to go to follow, or to go do not play, this is flexible.

Another point is that there is no trend, play 12, then when the trend, how to bet?

This time to "chase momentum" can be the case bets:

2448816163232 ...

Here figures are betting units.

Trend (three consecutive side), follow it, bet two units, won the bet 4, win another or 4, winning bets 8, or 8 win another and so on until lost so far.

Or this:

2346812162432 ...

In fact, you can bet what you can double down, or can win money away part of filling the other part, which is the foreign players that are up and pull, is filling part of the back part of the money to win ʱ??

Remember that when the double down, do not continuously doubled twice. For example, bet 4 units won, doubling the bet 8 units, such as win another, then, absolutely do not double down, which lost a hand , come to naught. This is the above-mentioned 2,448,816 ... way up.

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