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Vietnam ready targeting Chinese gamblers gambling

In the face of increasing globalization betting unstoppable objective reality, whether related to Southeast Asian countries set up Casino The policy continues to face challenges, and loosening continue to occur. And this "bet field" up the heart of the containment, it is prohibition of gambling in China.

Today, China's main neighbors - Vietnam, but also around the corner.

Since the 20th century, China's neighboring countries scrambling wave of casino seriously affect each other's feelings. At present, in addition to Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, and even north of Russia, North Korea and Mongolia are also more or small, large or small, to open casinos, and most business is very good.

"Gambling", and a good gamble, has become the Chinese people abroad an image footnote. Neighboring countries is so frantically, afraid are hoping to emulate the world's first Macau casino revenue, attracting affluent increase their income, both hope In the carve increasingly large share of betting interests, but also want to be able to find a point from the betting industry to power the country's economic development.

Two well-known Vietnam Parliamentary Affairs sources disclosed to Reuters, the Vietnamese government had long been research Gambling Legalization issue, plans to launch a pilot project in the near future, to build a casino in Quang Ninh province near China Dun island, in addition to targeting Chinese gamblers, but also to the Vietnamese people can lawfully Gamingʱ??

The Vietnamese government intends to legalize gambling to attract foreign developers and casino Gaming company Tens of billions of dollars of investment. It is understood that the Vietnamese National Assembly will consider the relevant bill in the near future.

Vietnamese non-gambling

Most Vietnamese gambling, but at present, only a few casinos open only to foreigners or overseas Chinese living abroad, the more, the Vietnamese people forbidden to participate in gambling activities, only to the government-run gambling betting station, so many Vietnamese will Card games or participate in secret by illegal bookmakers betting European Cup.

However, many people worry that once the legalization of gambling, Vietnam will have more people in debt, and cause more social problems.

In any case, if the above bill is passed, it will undoubtedly attract investment of Las Vegas Sands, Genting Group, NAGACORP and Penn NationalGaming United States and other large casino developers and betting companies.

Chinese gamblers is an important goal

This is mainly because Vietnam is ideally situated only a few hours in many Asian cities, more adjacent wealthy Chinese gamblers.

In addition, the rapid growth of Vietnam's population of 90 million, there are as many as two-thirds of young people aged under 30, according to a recent Boston Consulting report, the consumption capacity of the strongest middle class in Vietnam to 2020 It will double, which is one of the most attractive conditions for investors.

Avoid fertilizer flows Cambodia

Currently, in addition to the underground gambling or betting through illegal bookmakers, gamblers would be better to travel to neighboring Vietnam, Cambodia to gamble, resulting in the loss of Vietnam casino tourists.

Vietnam to open a betting market to advise the government how special wing scholars estimate that the Vietnamese to Cambodia, Vietnam casino gambling led to the loss of up to $ 800 million in revenue annually.

Gaming pointed out that if the Vietnamese government relaxed betting regulations, its annual betting revenue may be as much as $ 3 billion, although this is only half of Singapore's betting revenue last year, but it is 10 times the betting revenue of Cambodia, the Philippines and South Korea is also equivalent betting revenue, which means that Vietnam has the potential to become the region's new generation betting center.

He designed wing when interviewed by Reuters on the sidelines of a forum in Hong Kong, said: "The Vietnamese government is currently looking for investors and partners to start Dun Island casino plan the government since 2003 to allow foreign investors in some four-star. and five-star hotel has an electronic center, on-site gambling mostly Taiwanese and Chinese gamblers. "

Billionaire material pioneered the development of the Vietnamese economy vibrator hope Gaming

Vietnam was once considered to be the shining star of Asian emerging markets, but the country's economic growth in recent years, as expected, only 5%. Coupled with huge bad impact on the retail sector, foreign competition intensified investment in the region, Vietnam Government open betting market will undoubtedly boost their economies.

It is reported that the Vietnamese government to Parliament to propose new betting bill defining foreign betting companies must have more than 10 years of relevant experience, and must commit to spend at least $ 4 billion in funding, the casino will be able to obtain the operating license in Vietnam.

Coming first appearance Dun Island casino reported that a $ 7.5 billion cost of the plan, hoping to develop a casino in Dun island is famous billionaire Zhang Daokang Vietnam, he plans to work with the US company ISC Group, to build a casino on the island in the clouds London , marina, conference center, golf and tennis clubs.

If the pilot project can be put to the vote, it is believed that the project will be passed, after all, the legislature is controlled by the ruling Communist Party.

Large betting companies and casino developers have said that they have been observed in the case of Vietnam, but unless the Vietnamese government to relax regulations to allow people to enter the casino in the country, otherwise they would not consider to invest in Vietnam.

Prime Minister intends to relax the National Gaming to Taiwan to learn

Many countries in Southeast Asia from Taiwan bet right after the open economic prosperity, we see the infinite space of the betting industry on the back of profit.

Open betting industry means that other countries agreed bookmakers betting in the territory of the country to open up the mall.

Taiwan's new epic Ruth bet successfully holding company holds banbishan mall.

Taiwan and some Southeast Asian countries see the success of the betting industry, they soon began to change from a policy of the Act. Taiwan and Vietnam opens first bet right now.

At present, Vietnam is also open Thinking outside bet right, stop prohibition of gambling policy, agreed Sports Betting Legalize the Vietnamese government the move will bring millions of dollars in state tax revenue.

But Vietnam is currently facing a difficult to handle legal issues.

Authorized several casinos operating in Vietnam, only the promise of foreigners visas to participate in gambling in the meantime, while the Vietnamese are completely stop participating in gambling in a casino. Today, Vietnamese Minister of Finance that the government needs to change this attitude. Vietnamese Prime Minister This person went to Taiwan to investigate gambling conducted in the form of Taiwan.

Many British betting companies are currently carried out in close attention to the situation of the Vietnamese Government, the betting company's executives regarded Vietnam seen as another hard-edged world of new betting area.

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