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Baccarat betting skills of anti-cable will win

The so-called "cable", that is a series of bets, bets shop for several days the most common is when the shop opened three village, began to buy idle lost the first shop, shop again second doubles;. Article Erpu lost, a third shop also continued to double, to buy in so far.

Once in Casino Within met a big spender, when he had lost a lot of money, sigh, said: "How can winning it?" It was right next door, said:. "Buy cable can be winning" big spender immediately responded that, if continued Cables, any price he is willing to buy. He was right. There is no break in the cable will not, there is always one will break, once broken on the sum of Big Ben. That being the case, how can we win the cable buy it?

To facilitate buy cable win. First we have to understand Game Rule.Usually casino will set a limit on the proportion of the stakes, the most common is 1: 150.For example, the lowest is 100 yuan, the highest is 15,000 yuan, depending on the individual casino to set.In Asia, casino, bet a lot is full  sum calculated; places every gambler stakes calculated independently in the United States and other places.The purpose is the same, because the casino to protect their own interests, if no limit, endless double doubles and doubles bets always give free home buying, the casino would be detrimental.So what happened between upper and lower limits will be 1: 100 to a maximum of 1: 200 of it?The reason is that people who start gambling calculated probability, so busy at home even Kembo, long-term buy cable, but also lose a lot of money to bear the risk.The following table we can see the situation to buy cable:

Shop Number of stakes

1 ¥ 1000

2 ¥ 2000

3 ¥ 4000

4 ¥ 8000

5 ¥ 16000

6 ¥ 32000

7 ¥ 64000

8 ¥ 128000

9 ¥ 256000

You can see that most can only buy the best shop eighth, ninth shop has been exceeded. If so who need to buy in the shop within eight, otherwise we should break the cable, a cable break, the lost money to successive gambling four boxes of cards continues to win back losses before cable.

The statistical and computer analysis, to achieve long-term will not break the cable, at least ten standard shop before security undefeated, but ten shop and just over the stakes, it is a contradiction, is not feasible any one formula for cable , regardless of the order in leisure village is how to arrange, or have the opportunity to lay off 9, the opportunities for the more than ten shop is minimal, the longer it is the more too hard, this is the blends as pure probability truth lies.

In other words, there is no permanent continuous cable, that is representative of the cable break is necessary. Quite rightly, want to continue the cable may be difficult, but think it is not a problem often break, especially four or five lay cable shop, almost every box . brand will be off so we can use this logic, or natural things difficult bet, something inevitable is naturally easy to bet, bet is to:

To take a simple approach:


Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang

Normal buy cable would be: lost the first port village to buy ¥ 1000, the second port to buy ¥ 2000, lost the third port to buy ¥ 4000, lost the fourth port to buy ¥ 8000, after four straight transport shop, fifth mouth buy ¥ 16000. So once fired five shop busy, immediately off the cable, a transmission is ¥ 31000 million, that is to fight and win back 31 shop available. This method is almost certainly a long losing bet, because situation occurs more than five consecutive busy shop is broken three times within a box of cards is not surprising.

To win you have to do just the opposite action. Each shop is to buy idle, if the open village, lost and continue to buy idle, anyway, they are only a starting bet is lost each time to lose. If you open idle words will be different The first roll out of the busy buy ¥ 1000 yuan to buy a second paved ¥ 2000 yuan, and then the third paved buy ¥ 4000 million, in the fourth paved buy ¥ 8000 yuan to buy a fifth paved ¥ 16000 Yuan, all five shop even in idle, then win ¥ 31000 yuan, can within a box of cards in a cable will not lose money, in more than one certainly win a lot of money.

After I statistics, the average off the most, of course, is a four-type cable (iv shop continuous), about a pack of cards there are two to three times the average pack five type cable once or twice, then every Six cable boxes there once seven type and above would not be a pack will appear. So I think five would be more feasible type cable, both common, but also to maintain good profit.

Bet this anti-cable way, requires considerable patience, we must keep the faith, I believe this phenomenon will appear. Lose the front can not be discouraged, the first case of five busy can win it back with interest. In addition, some when you encounter a busy five consecutive phenomenon in the front had a box of cards, that profits had arrived, ready to wait a second box.

The problem is that if long-term bet only one side, village or busy, it will make others feel very strange, so I propose a formula is as follows:


Zhuang Zhuang busy busy busy

According to the above order, sequential bets, won the first village shop to buy idle; won the second shop to buy a third shop busy busy; village after the buy, the fifth free shop and bought all the re-Qi the head start over. Do not worry, this arrangement order, have appeared almost a pack of cards.

* 8 cards to a box

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