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Two percent of mainland tourists who pay the Macau betting industry, mostly private owner

Some foreign media recently reported that Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho will spend 30 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 3.9 billion US dollars), to build its in Macau Cotai area's first resort. According to SJM hired architectural design firm WATG US revealed that the The resort will be modeled on Versailles design.

Union Gambling Group in Macau, analysts said French theme with customers from mainland China "very fit" and that the "Mainland Chinese consumers usually Europe, especially France, regarded as the ideal destination." Immediately, the betting industry a voice guess said Stanley Ho to establish a new Casino, It is intended to attract more middle-class resort community to Macau from mainland China.

As the main force of consumption abroad, countries will look glued to Chinese consumers pocketbook, the betting industry is no exception, previously had reported that "sales of Jeju eight casinos, 80% -90% from the Chinese tourists "," Vietnamese foreign visitors inside the casino 90% from China, "the Asian betting market so as to occupy 73.6% of the total revenue of Macau, Chinese consumers but also for how much this contribution?

Jin Yicheng gambling tourists to Macao

A Visitor Expenditure Survey results MGTO done last year showed that in 2013 the 29,325,000 visitors entering Macau, there are 224.8 million people are betting for the purpose of visiting, accounting for up to 8%.

Chinese mainland, the mainland at least 559 000 man-made contributions to the Macau betting industry although this figure is only one-third of Hong Kong tourists, but the Macao Polytechnic Institute of Macau casino VIP guests had done your research, 2008 - In 2010, 24.7% of the VIP interior mainland government officials, 21.5 percent state-owned enterprises executives, the two together accounting for up to 46.3%, nearly half.

However, since 2013 China to carry out anti-corruption, this shift happens, high rollers have become a more private entrepreneurs. Today, the proportion of government officials in the VIP room of gamblers, down 30 percent from three years ago to about 3 ʱ??

Asia-Pacific betting revenue forecast

Region 2011 2014 2015

Macau 346,085,768,062,167

Singapore 439665167172

Australia 342935763698

Korea 262827062620

Malaysia 94010121059

Philippines 61811021217

New Zealand 350 388 408

Vietnam 73122141

Japan 0327784

Total 470,427,342,979,266

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers global betting market outlook report

Mainland tourists to visit Macau betting growth push

Reporters search in recent years, Galaxy Entertainment, Sands China, Obo Holdings earnings, found that although the earnings report did not elaborate marked their company betting project revenues much from Chinese tourists, however, all earnings will be marked "by Chinese tourists to The number of Australian growth effects "increase the number of its betting performance.

The contribution of Chinese tourists to Macau betting industry, Comfort Travel official said, and not just look at 8% this figure, "Now go to Macau casino is a tourist destination, but also a lot of high-quality tours at the Sands Or Galaxy night, you say how those of us travel for the purpose of visitors to Macau should count? "

The official said, and now basically ordinary tourists will go to Macau casino "flutter" a. "Has hundreds of thousands, although small amounts, but Jiabu Zhu many people ah." And in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao tour guides do Miss Chen Xi also said that he is essentially in the casino where the hearing is in Mandarin, "I think at least 70 percent more than were Chinese tourists."

2013 Hong Kong-listed gambling stock prices

(Unit: HK $ / share)

Opened at the end of the stock name beginning in 2008 the lowest closing price

Galaxy 30 55.5 0.5

Sands China 35.6 52.5 9

Obo holding 17.9 26.6 1.2

"Gamble shares" remarkable achievements in 2013 outperformed the Hang Seng Index

There are currently three listed on the Hong Kong stock Gaming company Revenue growth year after year, the betting performance of listed stocks is also impressive.

At the end of 2013, Galaxy Entertainment shares hit a record high of HK $ 55.5, compared with the year has nearly doubled to HK $ 30 in October 2008, its lowest share price had amounted to HK $ 0.5.

In addition, last year, Sands China shares up nearly 50 percent, Obo increase of nearly 50 percent holding, while the entire 2013, Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 63.97 points. Therefore, three "gamble shares" outperform all.

Low cost high prices in order to attract tourists matching

Macau betting is so attract Chinese tourists, but also related to its sophisticated facilities, the reporter learned that the major betting is basically in the form of casinos, hotels and shopping centers integrated resort center of existence.

In order to attract more tourists to come to the casino inside the hotel, basically high cost, the current Galaxy Hotel Lisboa lowest price is 1,110 yuan, while far from Macau, Hong Kong, the same five-star hotel, a night The price is more than 1,600 yuan.

In addition, there are a number of exterior important attractions as well as free bus connects the airport, which means that, after the purchase in the casino room and board can also visit Macau free attractions, so a lot of the free exercise of Chinese tourists simply select casino hotel directly.

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