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US online gambling development lead to legal dispute

Internet gambling Behind the development of the law implies a huge controversy, but in the United States, is a growing number of states consider allowing online gambling, in 2014 the US online betting industry is also expected to become the fastest busy year. Online gambling opponents hope US Congress to exert influence from the federal level, but this year is facing mid-term elections, both parties in Congress are trying to avoid contact with any controversial topic, the short-term US federal level regulations on online gambling is still difficult to put

10 states consider the introduction of online gambling law

In recent years, the emergence of Internet gambling competing around the world, which gives the United States rely on the traditional Casino The betting industry has brought no small impact. In the interest groups lobbying and promotion, some state governments in the US have passed legislation to permit the legalization of online gambling.

April 30, 2013, the first implementation of online gambling in Nevada, November 8 and 26, Delaware and New Jersey followed up by the relevant legislation allow online gambling bill .3 states, although only allow some Internet gambling Game But certainly in the United States set off a wave of wave of Internet gambling legislation.

Recently, the study of global betting law, "betting regulations" organization released a research report that the United States 10 states state legislature is considering a bill in 2014 to expand the network by allowing or gambling, "2014 promises to be the most busy network betting development year. "

This 10 states are California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where, California, Hawaii, Iowa State Capitol, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have put forward relevant proposals.

US online gambling laws adjusted to the development of open the door. In October 2006, George W. Bush signed the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act" between gambling sites and players of the Act prohibits US banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions provide money transfer services. However, this bill until June 1, 2010 was officially introduced.

US and European Network Gaming company Thus has been hit hard, the bill triggered a huge controversy, opponents argue that since US law permits betting, then in what way is the freedom of the people betting Obama government's attitude to the bill subsequent transformation, the US Justice Department in 2011 the lifting of the ban, online gambling thus usher in development opportunities.

Gaming giant lobbying skill competition

Internet gambling implies huge economic interests in the United States before the three states allow online gambling, a lot of the American people choose in illegal offshore gambling websites bets, resulting in large amounts of US capital outflows. Survey shows that only in 2012, Americans illegal offshore gambling sites on consumption of $ 2.6 billion.

The first to open online gambling, New Jersey, has tasted the sweetness of huge in the launch of online gambling in the first month, the state of revenue of $ 8.3 million. "Gaming Regulations" Organization predicts that, with the steady development of online gambling in New Jersey The Internet gambling market in the first year will create $ 262 million in revenue, the first four years will surge to $ 463 million.

Internet gambling giant Caesars Entertainment Corp. joint "American Gaming Association" and other organizations, has spared no effort to promote the legalization of online gambling, the costs for network betting in recent years has been higher than funding for other services. 2013 third quarter, the company will lobbying fees for online gambling has increased 63 percent, far more than 200,000 US dollars had been spent.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. believes that if the United States law permits online gambling, then more players from the United States and the so-called countries of the world can participate in online betting, creating greater business profits.

But Internet gambling also adhere to the traditional betting industry by some interest groups to resist, including "Las Vegas" Las Vegas Sands. June 2013, Sands founded "to stop online gambling alliance", which is used Provision is also double the growth of lobbying.

The Group's main Xixieerdeng Adelson as a leader, said it would boycott online gambling at all costs, he is still the Forbes website wrote: "Internet gambling is like fool's gold, but a seemingly bright attractive. ʱ??

Wynn Resorts has also added to the Sands camp, the two companies is the highest market value of US betting companies, oppose online gambling forces thereby further expansion.

Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wayne said: "In the implementation of online gambling problem, now is not a good business opportunity."

Federal law still does not allow online gambling

In order to circumvent the opposition to online gambling state government, Caesars Entertainment Corp. submitted a "interstate gambling," the proposal to the federal government.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. stressed: "Our problem is not only legalize intrastate online gambling problem, but also interstate Internet gambling."

"Gaming Regulations" organization that online gambling in the states, although showing a tempting prospect, but the federal government to pass legislation to support the development of online gambling, it seems difficult to achieve short-term.

First, supporters and opponents of the lobbying power of the web gambling are underestimated, under consideration in a growing number of states allow online gambling case, the opponents would prefer Congress to exert influence from the federal level. At this pressure, the Senate Some Members are weighing whether to introduce a package of online gambling ban, but because this year is facing mid-term elections, both parties in Congress will be to avoid touching any controversial topic.

Second, the Internet gambling may lead to many legal problems. Many opponents fear that once online gambling prevalence may participate in the online enticement of a minor Gambling And the birth of illegal gambling websites and other criminal acts, while all this happens in the online world, the government is very difficult to effectively control. Wynn Resorts CEO Wayne is out of this concern, a change in the past for online gambling noncommittal attitude, turned against the legalization of online gambling.

Wayne issued a challenge, said: "? Do you really believe that online gambling companies can do to prevent underage gamblers"

Finally, the network betting development depends on the test results open up the state.

New Jersey is one of the first to "eat crab" in several states, but the introduction of online gambling in the state has gone through twists and turns. March 2011 and February 2013, New Jersey Governor Christie has twice vetoed online gambling bill, Christie worry, Atlantic Casino has been steadily losing market and opportunity, since 2006 the state casino revenues fell from $ 5.2 billion to $ 3 billion, and convenient online gambling could lead to further reduction patronize Atlantic casino customers.

While Internet gambling has great opportunities, but the implementation of online gambling bill also requires a lot of financial investment, but also may occur during difficult for governments to control the situation. Several states, including New Jersey online gambling to fully verify the legality and rationality, It will probably take several years of power.

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