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This year the US online gambling market will continue to expand

US states Online Betting Industry to carry out the situation (A: has been legalized; B: pending legislation; C: is expressly prohibited)

2008 - Number of 2013 America Online betting consider undertaking (ie network betting) state growth

Atlantic City, New Jersey conducted Texas Hold'em(TexasHold-Em) Online Game

According to the Associated Press, February 5, 2014, long-term follow legislative developments in the global betting industry research institutions Gambling Compliance published a report, which is expected to have at least 10 US states will pass legislation to carry out or expand the state in 2014 The online betting industry, which 10 states, including California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This indicates that the US online gambling market It will be further expanded this year.

US state efforts to promote the state's online gambling legislation

Researcher Gambling Compliance Director Chris Krafcik said the United States intends to carry out the number of online betting state is currently the largest ever above 10 states in 2013 has been trying to promote online Casino Style betting in the state's legalized in 2014 will be more intensive action states a new era just past the 2013 mark of US online gambling, Nevada in April 2013 to allow online poker and online lottery conducted; 11 May, Delaware and New Jersey has launched poker and casino site. Before this, US players by betting on illegal offshore gambling sites lead to a massive outflow of US funds in 2014, we will continue to explore these pioneer's interesting to other states and even international Users on.

The report also pointed out that since 2014 the US mid-term election year, there will be a large number of members of Congress and governors facing re-election, the online betting industry supporters and opponents are fighting for a place in the United States Senate. In this sensitive period, any There are political risks of the proposal can not get through, so that in 2014 the United States wants a nationwide introduction of a bill to legalize online poker is very slim. In the absence of a unified specification states online gambling case of the Federal Act, states We have to promote their own online gambling legislation, within their own borders to seek solutions.

In addition, the report also predicted that there will be buy a few states allow online lottery in 2014.

Nevada online betting business mentality in the face of complex

Nevada has achieved the legalization of online gambling, but so far there is not much action in Nevada to expand online betting aspect, Gambling Compliance that the state may also consider expanding the scope of business of online gambling, it is not limited to online poker business.

For online betting business, Nevada somewhat complicated mentality.Unlike the decline of Atlantic City, New Jersey traditional casino industry in Las Vegas, Nevada remained the nation's largest traditional casino industry share.It also enables the state to worry about when the development of this new business of online gambling casino operations affected their traditional.Las Vegas casino giants divided into two diametrically opposed camps, opposition to online gambling Sands (LasVegasSands) and Wynn Resorts (Wynn Resorts) led by Sands boss, the nation's fifth-richest Rochelle Gordon Adelson own organized lobbying groups "to prevent online gambling League (Coalition ToStop InternetGambling)" moving around in the United States, tried to put pressure on the state legislature to ban online gambling.Sands' current market value of $ 60 billion, more than the sum of the market value of other US casinos because of the enormous influence of Adelson, the US Senate is considering a total ban on online gambling in the United States.Online betting support parties include MGM International Entertainment Group (MGM ResortsInternational) and Caesars Entertainment Group (CaesarsEntertainmentCorp.), Caesars Entertainment in 2013 has been actively seeking the legalization of online gambling, they are in the same industry organization "American Gaming Association (AmericanGaming Association)" The appeal will be submitted together to the level of the United States Congress.Caesar acquired company CEO Mitch Garber, said he knew Adelson did not like the internet betting, but the Internet will host all future commercial and service, this trend is irreversible.

Delaware and New Jersey seeking to share market

Limited to the smaller size of the market of online gambling in Delaware did not start smoothly. In order to reverse the situation, the state is seeking market share across the state border agreement. If agreement is reached, the player will increase liquidity However, due to the current restrictive policies, even interstate agreement was adopted, the business is limited to online poker betting.

New Jersey is also considering such a strategy, to start an online gambling in November 2013 to the end of 2013, Atlantic City, NJ 15 sites online gambling sites made $ 8.4 million revenue, it can be said initially tasted the sweetness. According to projections, New Jersey State's online betting market in the first year will create $ 262 million in revenue to the fourth year will reach $ 463 million. In order to continue to expand the online betting industry, NJ is promoting the establishment of a new betting license project, carat Crafts grams, New Jersey has passed a legislation allowing the state's website for in-state players from outside the state to provide online betting.

California and Pennsylvania accelerate the pace of promoting online gambling

Although not yet obtained a license to operate online betting, but the states are not willing to stay out.Most likely made the first breakthrough of the legalization of online gambling state is California, the state with its population advantage to become the nation's largest potential market.There are many Indian tribes in California casinos, these casinos want to introduce online betting industry to expand its operations, they are trying to urge the state government through legislation to legalize online poker.Recently, the leaders of the two tribal casinos Union together to discuss the related issues, in a later statement, they said that it has made progress but still needs some time to pass the bill.Gambling Compliance report predicts California will likely be in the August 31 online poker legalization bill.

Pennsylvania has been concerned about the temporary state of New Jersey dynamic, due to the decline of Atlantic City, New Jersey, the state's more than the United States in 2012 to become the second-largest gambling market after Las Vegas, Nevada is located. The state Gaming Regulatory Commission Chairman William Ryan said it would observe the impact of online gambling on the traditional casino industry, depending on the timing of the introduction of online gambling.

Mississippi legalize online gambling blocked

Not all states have successfully progress, in Mississippi, February 4 aimed to achieve the legalization of online gambling proposal was not adopted. The bill is named "MississippiLawfulIn-ternetGaming Actof2014", trying to allow for the state of traditional casinos people to provide online gambling services. The bill also marks the overthrow of online gambling bill has not been passed in Mississippi for three consecutive years.

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