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Betting nowhere in China, domestic housing prices to South Korea curve to open a casino

Because "CasinoBar" gambling mainland mangroves hotel in Sanya was not only ordered to stop, the more gambling news means the above persons be held criminally responsible.

But that did not prevent the real estate business Betting Pursuit mode, the Hong Kong news media on February 8, Blue Ding international betting giant announced Malaysia's Genting Group portfolio of companies in Singapore operating company to build the resort and the creation of Jeju Island, Korea Casinoʱ??

The betting industry in China has always been a closely guarded secret,Gambling Is to be banned, the mainland housing prices in the betting want a way to make a difference but they do nowhere Road To Blue Ding international overwhelmed in Korea joint Genting Group, under the tutelage of the real estate is undoubtedly a new way of betting patterns.

However, while Macau or Las Vegas betting lead the overall industry operators Rijindoujin but had no experience of housing prices. If you want to find a breakthrough Yuanshe his country on the betting industry, at the same time bringing new possibilities Nature is also at great risk.

It is worth noting that the mainland housing prices is not typical gambling abroad precedent. Specific to the Blue Ding International Korea casino project, still unknown how many of its joint venture company set up operations and Genting.

Cooperation gambling

It is reported that the blue tripod joint international Genting Group in Jeju Island Resort and casino construction, the total investment amounted to $ 2.2 billion (equivalent to approximately HK $ 17.1 billion), the two sides 50-50.

Statistics show that Jeju project that includes a world-class integrated resort and betting several accommodation facilities development plan, land is located in the historical myth of the development of the park site. October 27, 2013, Blue tripod International has announced to HK $ 993 million acquisition of South Korea Jeju designated development land myth Historic Park.

The plot includes a total of three places, namely A zone, R region and H region, a total of nearly 2.3 million square meters, of which, A area 769,000 square meters, will be used for visual theme parks, water parks, recreation and accommodation facilities. R area 952,000 square meters for commercial and residential land .H total area of ​​598,000 square meters, will be built on the World theme park food culture.

Blue Ding Yang International actual controller wisdom that the residential portion of the project will start in Jeju Island in June of this year, the project covers an area of ​​3490 acres, if the approval to start smoothly, is expected to sell the end, due to the 50 million dollars to buy property in Jeju immigration policy will attract many buyers, material can cash 5,000,000,000.

In cooperation with the Genting Group, Yang wisdom also said, promising development experience Genting while Genting Singapore, President Chen cited Germany said, and blue tripod cooperation complementary advantages. He was referring to Jeju tourism potential is very large, future flight within a radius of 3.5 hours The area is the target market.

After the announcement of cooperation with the Genting Group, February 10, Blue tripod International recurrence announcement, will Genting Singapore group and the number of investors new shares financing.

Blue Ding International says, to be issued at HK $ 0.3 per share to 810,000,000 shares of Genting Singapore and HK $ 0.4 per share, issued 1.06 billion shares to three independent investors, raising a total of HK $ 667 million, will be used for projects Jeju in South Korea The future development funds and other investment opportunities. Singapore Genting International will hold a 5.05% stake in Lan Ding shares lock-up period of one year.

Korea Betting

Unlike domestic ban gambling environment, you can make the appropriate betting business after the Korean Application gambling licenses.

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